Help me understand her. I truly love her and she's pulling away.

Okay, so one of my best friends in the whole wide world moved away last summer. His girlfriend at the time was my hugest crush for years but I never said a word because I respected him.. well he went off, he cheated, lied and now that he's 5 states away he has left us all..

After a month of talking to her over the phone (I live like an hour away from town and go to a different school now) she told me that she liked me too but never had the courage to leave him because he was.. well.. controlling. And it had gotten soft between us and I told her I love her and she got happy and it was amazing.. but now her friends are judging her and he found out and is causing hell from where he's at.. and she has retracted into a shell and is not communicating with me much at all.. I am still taking her to her prom but how do I show that I am serious and I do care about her?

Does she even still like me? Is she just scared? I have no idea.. please anything helpful will do.


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  • This is a hard one! Look, you shouldn't worry about your best friend because he was not a good person before leaving you guys. If he did not love her, then he has no business with what ever you guys choose to do now. Take her to Prom and tell her that you really love her and that she doesn't need to be affraid of anything. Women like to feel safe, protected. So, tell her that there's nothing to be affraid for, that you will be there whenever she needs you and that nobody will ever hurt her again. You'll see how the expression on her face will change instantly, and to top it off, I would recommend you to kiss her right after expressing your feelings. Also, you gotta do something about your friend, gotta comfront him and tell him that you love her and that no one or anything will stop you from fighting for her love. Be strong bro, I know it will not be easy, but it is needed. Good luck and hope my answer was helpful enough. Would be nice to hear how things go.

    • Thank you friend. I just wanted to hear it from somewhere else as well. Thank you again :)

    • Can I have this one? Lol


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  • Hey You like each other don't care about others, the guy is not her boyfriend anymore and he cheated anyway so her friends Should be supportive they Should be on her side and understand who she loves and I Am sure That hasn't change just make her feel secure and Tell her not to answer his calls... Good luck


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  • I say she possibly is a bit scared (not of you) but the relationship between the two of you's I say make a move on her be a man and start things of again but if she still refuses give her some time.

    PS I will chill it a little bit with the 'i love you's' & the 'i like you's because girls can play with your like and take you for granted.

    SHOW HER you care

  • She does like you.