Did she like kissing me enough to do it again?

This might sound biased and that the answer is obviously yes, but I want to make sure other people agree with me who have more experience.

Anyway, I'm 18 and just had my first kiss a few days ago. It was with a girl that I Iike (and I was and still am pretty sure likes me). we were both drunk and having a deep heart to heart conversation then she just went for it and we started making out. we were by oursleves in a lounge area at my residence but we stopped a couple of times because people would sometimes comethrough, but when they left we started making out again. it lasted a while and I noticed that her eyes were closed and I think she made deep breathing noises on occassion. Anyway that was my first time kissing so I assumed that iwouldnt be good at it, but according to how long it went on for and how she kept coming back for more I think that I'm damn good at kisssing. But do you think that I was good and that she likes me, OR was that just the alcohol and her hormones talking?


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  • Don't over think it. People do things they wouldn't normally do when they are drunk, but oftentimes it doesn't mean that they don't want to do them. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and it makes it a lot easier to hook up with someone where had you not had anything to drink you would feel embarrased or worried that your advances wouldn't be returned.

    That and hormones are just how our body communicates with themselves, but again that's overthinking it. Just be yourself, that's probably why she likes you in the first place


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  • i think you should wait til the next time you guys see each other, and are NOT drunk.

    that way if she kisses you sober

    then you know for sure that your good :)

    good lukk!


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  • Dunno. Try it again and see what happens.