Girls, would you date an emotionally unstable guy?

I am not sure if I am emotionally unstable, but I would say that I cannot show my emotions easily. Both of my parents worked a lot during my childhood so they never taught me how to be emotional. I feel uncomfortable hugging my parents and I don't know if I could tell my parents that I love them. I don't know if I could love a girl. I know I can f*** her, but I don't know if I could love her. So, girls would you date a guy that would have trouble showing his emotions?


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  • Most guys do have trouble expressing themselves. When the time comes, you'll see it gets easier to express yourself. Every single person can love, they just choose not to, as strange as that sounds.

  • you'll have no problems once you open up because girls love a project guy she'll love feeling like she got through to you and made you a man. my daughters boyfriend was never the touchy feely type until she got ahold of him and he told her so and now he has no trouble with showing his affection physically and does so freely now without even thinking about it.


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