Is it OK for me to talk to him about this or should I just forget him and move on?

So this guy I met through friends told me liked me. We started hanging out. We kissed, did some stuff (did not have sex). 3 months later one night he says we are still just friends. I tell him I don't want to be his friend. Next day he tell me how he likes me a lot, I make him happy, he misses me already, he is obviously attracted to me but he does not know what he want and needs to figure himself out. He said after his ex-gf (2 years ago) he likes to take things really slow. The way he said all this I was like OK I understand its fine bye. Today I find out that he asked the girl he was talking to before me (6 months before) to be his girlfriend but she said no because she did not think he was sincere. They only went out on one date and only hanged out 4 times (not even alone with friends). Now I really want to go yell at him for lying to me. The only thing stopping me is that we hang out in the same group of people and I saw him today but I played it totally cool. I said hi to him, we made small talk, I was totally polite. Is it OK for me to talk to him about this or should I just forget him and move on?

We lit hanged out everyday for 3 months, we texted all through out the day. We talked on the phone in between. I just don't understand him.


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  • Oh, my God. Did we actually went out with the same guy? This is exactly what happened to me a few years back (4 years now).Ok, to save you the trouble, what happened in my case is that he was sexually attracted to me and because I didn't sleep with him cause I really liked him and actually wanted to be his girlfriend and not a "fling", he kept saying all those nice things to me but they meant nothing to him. Thankfully for me, he moved to another city where he kept calling me and giving me the same ol' crap over the phone. At some point I confronted him and he became really rude. Some guys just can't take the truth. So I'd just forget about him. He had his chance with you, wanted to be your friend (this "friend card" really gets to me) but then had a change of heart...if he wants a bed warmer he could go to his nearest Wallmart and get one. Please! Go on being polite. That should p*ss him off. After all "he means nothing to you girl".

    • Yeah, he used to call me every day as well...and he even bought me a present from Spain (and I apparently was the only one he got a present for). Was the first person he called in the morning and the last person at night (and I know cause he fricking called me at 6 am lol).The list is endless...he doenst have genuine feelings sorry. If he did you'd be his girlfriend. I'm very sorry...I heared about his new girlfriend over the phone and it was crap. Don't go there it hurts

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  • its not your place to get on him about it. You have no commitment plus your relationship has no label. My thoughts are that he used the feelings you had for him and manipulate them yo his benefit. He's getting what he wants plus anything you have to offer. You're kinda getting played

    • your right your not understanding about getting played, if you were that important to him , he would've asked you out, not that other girl. Sorry I just hate it when I see people in these situations

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  • You should forget him. He is playing you. If you hang onto him, you might start to beleive all this crap he is tellling you. Be strong! Good luck hun!