Dating and distance matters?

How far is too far away for you to date someone?

If the person is an hour away from you, is that too far?

Or if you like him/her enough, would that really bother you?


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  • There's no such thing as too far, when love is involved...only non-ideal.

    But one hour away is not too bad. It's actually very workable if at least one of you has a car and you can make a certain level of commitment in your schedule to see each other regularly.

    You can certainly see each other at least once a week if you're only an hour away. Yes, gas is getting pretty expensive, so you might have to cut other costs and not go out on the most expensive dates but that shouldn't matter too much if you're both into each other.

    A guy I know had his girlfriend 7 hours away and was regularly travelling down there to see one point, almost every other weekend. That was when gas was cheaper I think, but still that must have been a lot of driving. Eventually, it was decided that they'd have to live in the same city because this wasn't sustainable and their relationship was also going through some growing pains where they needed to be closer together, but last I heard, they're still together.

    I also know someone who traveled half-way around the world to be with the girl he loves.

    So one hour...not too far.


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  • my girl lives 2000 miles away, been going out for 2 yrs, but the I'm bout to move to her so it ain't somethin you can do forever


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  • I've never experienced a long distance relationship, however I've liked this same guy for two years and he lives in my hometown, while I go to college two hours away. It bothers me not begin able to see him, and we're not even dating yet. But we don't talk on a regular basis when I'm away at school, so it makes it worse. My point is I want to be with him, even though I go to school 2 hours away. I don't think that's too far at all. People are different though, some people just HAVE to be in relationships where they see their significant other every single day or many times a week. I'm not one of them though, at least I don't think so.

  • I’m away from him 5 hours with car...I believe that distance it is not important if you truly love someone and if you trust him and in the reverse

  • too many Qs but I have to hug em.

  • For me, distance starts matter after a day, it is 10 hours without message or ph calls. Dating brings happiness when there is little bit friendship - a common interest between you two. Day by day man and woman becoming more and more selfish. They think about many other thinks before thinking about real love. But if it is me, I always makes some effort for my crush. That's the only way I can get him.