Why is he texting me NOW?

so last year we used to date but I ended things because he had commitment issues due to his ex and wouldn't make it official. I'm still in love with him. we hooked up back in Aug then he randomly told me to f*** off cause he was done with me, whenever I saw him on campus after that he would just stare at me. last week I confronted him about it and he denied staring and I sarcastily told him its OK I miss him too and he said I know. Last night for the first time since aug he texted me first and asked me if I wanted to come over and drink. How do I react to this? I miss him so much why did he text me!? is he messing with my head?


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  • Are you kidding me?

    After he treated you like that and you still miss him.

    He only dated you so he can have sex with you hence the reason he told you to f*** off randomly AFTER you slept with him

    Because you said you missed him last week he sensed that you are vulnerable.

    Hes looking to sleep with you again that's why he asked you out for drinks. If you go out with him he will get touchy and try to lead you on to sleeping with him again. Who knows maybe he will "randomly" tell you to f*** again

    Seriously ...wake up girl !


    • correction f*** off*

    • well apparently he told me to f*** off because he can't just be my friend and I kept pushing him to wanna hang out and he didn't wanna get involved with me again because we had so much drama and I said stop avoiding me just tell me to f*** off already and so he did. since then he still stares at me, and now texted me after I told him I missed him. could he miss me too?

    • Seriously I think he just used you for sex

      i'm going to guess. You wanted to move forward with a relationship.

      Hes nothing looking for a relationship which is why he didn't want to hang out with you

      He just wanted sex. After he slept with you there was really no reason for him to be near you

      I seriously think you are setting up yourself for heartbreak and more disappointment if you continue hanging out with him



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  • If you want to have sex with him knock yourself out. If you want a relationship with him, it's already too late.


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  • boootay call. sorry but I guess its your turn to turn him down. ha ha girl power.

  • It's a booty call. It's your turn to tell him to f*** off!

  • Yes he is ! Don't go and DON'T talk to him ! he'd just break your heart

  • He is probably just a loser, especially if he told you to f off. He totally doesn't deserve you! =)

  • No he just misses your company and wants to make things right

  • come over and drink? he just wants to fool around. that's not a gentleman.