Good first impression?

How can I make a good first impression to a guy when we first meet? What kind of things should I do and say?


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  • First impressions are all about a "positive" experience.. Where you can inspire anything that will promote his mood for the better, that will be the answer to your question.. Hope / Laughter / Inspiration / Motivation / etc...

    That optimistic personality is usually what leaves me with the best first impression from people. It's the people who hate life, hate dating, etc - that make me cringe when I meet them. I don't want to be surrounded by negativity, and in my area there's a lot of it. That difference can hugely impact your results.

    Other than that, I like it when women don't try to force interacting with me.. If they can just come up to me and have a conversation, it takes most all the pressure off my shoulders. Simple story telling, being an attentive listener, and having the ability to recite memories from your life can help you be that type of a person.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • be yourself... every guy expects you to be of yourself and not act upon or follow someone artificially...

    dont comment abt the negatives of your guy on the first date... and moreover get to know abt him than lettin yourself known...

  • dont say or do anything different than you would with your friends. You don't have to play a facade that your somethin your not just to impress someone. Its actually the most impressive when someones just being themself


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  • just be yourself sweety & that's it. I honestly don't know why people stress out about giving the perfect first impression. My theory is if you're being yourself (which in my opinion you should be at all times) then he's gonna get a chance to see whether he likes your personality or not & if he doesn't oh well he's loss someone else's gain :) I mean why try to pretend your someone your not just to please a guy?

    • The truth for me, is that "Being myself" had a full history of failed relationships, and I wanted to see results immediately. So for me, it wasn't really what I ended up doing. But now that I've experimented, I can honestly say that I do know who I truly am..

    • Glad to hear that ;) & yeah I understand why some people might feel that way but for starters I hate fake people lol & I'm extremely happy being the way I am so whoever doesn't like me (which is perfectly fine with me because nobody has to) then he can go on & meet someone else. I'm not gonna change the way I'm just to please a man or anyone for that matter. People should accept others for who they are, not the person they want you to be :)