Why is it so bad to be into yourself?

girls have told me I am too into myself...well I am tall, good looking, intelligent, funny and other things that I know make girls really want me. even when I haven't spoken a word girls in the room look at me like they want me to talk to them. so what's the problem with being honest with myself? why should I "tone down" to not offend people (why do they get offended anyway)


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  • Because it shows you'll love yourself more than you could ever love me.

    It also is a sign that you're probably more likely to be:



    Constantly on the prowl, because you can be

    an ass

    While it may not be true, I wouldn't be surprised :P


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What Girls Said 2

  • It's okay to be confident and like yourself, but if girls tell you that, it's likely that you talk too much about yourself and how cool you are.

    To be honest, just reading your question slightly annoyed me. It's not like you don't have faults like everyone else does. It gives the impression that you think you're better than other people, which is never true since no one is better than anynone.

  • It's not bad.. I'm into myself too )

    • you should be I would f*** the sh*t outta you

    • Is that why you wear a thong on the beach?

    • stop creeping on my girl

What Guys Said 2

  • Girls don't like cocky arrogant guys. It turns them off dude. Even if you are not like that, you might be coming off that way. Girls also like a bit of mystery. So basically, if you have a job earning 100,000 dollars a year, you drive a maserati, and you can bench press 350 pounds, its best TO LET HER FIGURE THAT OUT, as opposed to shoving all that information down her throat on the FIRST DATE.

    I think you have your answer

  • theres nothing wrong with being into your self and wanting to be the best you can just as long as you not competing and thinking your better then anyone else