Online relationships/e-dating: why is there such a stigma attached to them...

whenever you see anything about online dating, there is a constant fear attached to it, skepticism. Seems as if when people say they are sick and tired of the dating scene in their town, they do wanna do the online thing. Always immediately, they parrot some horror story about a e-date turned fatally wrong... I wanna see from all of you, your opinions on that... seems to me that fear of the unknown keeps people single in this area, like everyone online is some stalker, or 'creep'... As always opine below.

I have always wondered why this is... just really curious


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think that as a society, we're still adjusting to the Internet being part of our everyday life. In the beginning, the Internet was on the "fringe" and was mainly nerds and loners. People who used the Internet for friendship and dating were "weird" and there were a lot of cautionary tales about meeting someone from the Internet because you never knew who the person on the other side of the screen really was.

    The Internet has changed a lot and now it's something that everyone and their mom uses. People have calmed down a bit about the Internet being full of predators and stalkers, since they realize that most of the people on the 'net are the same people you would meet walking down the street, at school, or at a bar. It's becoming more commonplace and acceptable to meet people from the Internet in offline settings.

    But, we haven't completely accepted how integrated the Internet is in our lives now. New technology is often scary to people for some time, and we still view meeting people from the Internet as different than having your initial meeting face-to-face. Some people still hold on to the idea that Internet dating is just for nerds or social rejects (like, if you can't find that "special someone" in real life, it's suggestive of there being something wrong with you---when in reality, people of all walks of life turn to the Internet to find someone they can really connect with but might not have met otherwise; meeting someone you connect with can be hard). And of course, the cautionary tales still float around.

    That's not to say that there aren't creeps and stalkers online, but people forget that you can meet a creep or a stalker anywhere. They don't limit themselves to the Internet. The Internet might be a handy tool for people to use, but I think we have enough advances and knowledge to be able to tell if someone is who they say they to the same degree as someone you meet at a bar or at the park. We can interact with people via webcam before meeting. And most people who realize that going home with a complete stranger you met at the bar could be dangerous also realize that you should use that same caution when meeting someone from the Internet and decide to meet somewhere in public.

    People say: But you could lie about who you are on the Internet. Well, you could lie about who you are in person too. Someone could wear a suit out and say they're a successful businessman when really they're a frycook who happens to own a suit. Someone could hide the fact that they're married and have kids. You don't have to have the Internet to make up a story about yourself to try to get someone to like you.

    Personally, I've met tons of people in real life that I met initially online. Some of them are my closest friends. A few of the people I met were a little weird/not the type of person I would get along with, but none of them were scary or bad people.