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Why doesn't my boyfriend text me or call me first?

alright so me and my boyfriend have been seeing each other for almost 2 years but official for 1 year and 4 months, I know he obviously really likes... Show More

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  • Some people are just not phone happy

    others are getting too many calls

    many are too busy to add phone "business" onto their day

    often people want a real life of joy instead of technical buttons & problems

    email is a preferred choice in my life

    Since this is not working out, suggest you create a regular face-face meeting time, e.g. lunch, after school, church?

    • i talked to him and you're right, he said he just doesn't really like texting people unless he needs to, thanks!

    • ... and some people are not very good at it and it becomes a struggle for them ... what have you found to be your best communication tactic?

What Guys Said 3

  • well he is probably busy with something that has to do with graduation but give him space stop texting him message me and il lhelp you out

  • I have 2 answers; either he's no longer interested in you or he got someone else. Set a date and find the right time to talk to him one on one, ask him! if he's a gentlemen he will tell you the truth. give a try and good luck :) ps: talk to him in a nice way, leave your selfishness and emotion while discussing about this sensitive issue

What Girls Said 3

  • Dear girl, you are young but you will come to learn that if he doesn't make the effort, he's just not that into you despite him telling you so.

  • well maybe because when yu started dating he got used to use to do that first ( which is very wrong !) ... and besides he shud learn how to appreciate yu ! so take a step back don't call or text even if it meant 1 week ! .. and if it gets further than a week then sorry but he doesn't really care ... but if he calls and asks about y you didn't call him all you would say is .. " sorry baby I was busy " keep on doin that untill he learns the value of you !

    • i agree with you! I don't text him anymoree, thanks :)

    • thank you!

  • Because he knows you will.

    • true, I cut down on texting him first now

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