Is there something there or am I being played??

This guy friend of mine who was always taking his breaks with me and coming by to see when when work was over and still comes to see me at work when he no longer works there..he texts me every day from like 10am til 1 in the morning sometimes. People think were a couple and we can act like it a bit but he has a girlfriend..I respect that he has so I'm trying to not feel anything for him but he says things that he thinks he no longer loves her and that they are gonna break up soon, that he's not happy with her and jealous when he's with his friends...but when we kinda flirt he goes and says well I'm taken remember with and lol ...I don't know what to think Because one minute he's like I like you and always come to see me like 4 times last week..and then pops these messages in...ugghhhh I don't get example last night was when him, my friend and I were talking she asked if he'd ever had sex in a pool his like "this summer" he then paused said "well if I'm still with her ...maybe it will be with mel" (which is me btw) I don't get his mixed signals ...or am I just insane? Please help!


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  • Long story short. He wants to do you, but is a little shy to just come out with it. Your both single and dam sure old enough. What are you saving it for? You got a better use for it? it don't wear out you know. :)

  • Try to find out more information from your friends. Don't make a move or show him signs of openness until he is no longer in a relationship because he's playing around. He might be using you as a back-up, you know.., checking up with you to see how your doing incase he decides to end his former relationship.


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