Best way to get a guy to kiss you?

or to let them know you want them to kiss you?. . .or do guys find it weird if the girl makes the 1st move?


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  • For me the answer is quite simple...just ask me! And no, I don't think it's weird if YOU make the first move! I would consider it an indication that you really want to get to know ME.

  • Lean close ( the closer the better chance). Look at his eyes than his lips, than back to his eyes.

    • Yep that's right, there ya go :)

    • Can add that you can angle your face the opposite of his

      Or take initiative yourself if your up for it =)

  • Another good one is to hug him very closely and intimately, but instead of pulling away you put your face really close to his and look him in the eyes, that's a good queue for a guy to go in for a kiss, or you girl could do it, nothing wrong with that. It's not weird if the girl makes the 1st move, I actually consider it a turn on!

  • tell you want to kiss him, but finding the balance between sounding sincere and sounding forward is one that even I'm not sure how to learn.


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