Why do guys whine and bitch so much about paying child support?

I mean seriously I practically never hear girls complain as much as guys. They say man I didn't want this kid why should I have to pay for it, because whether you like it your DNA is running around and the government shouldn't have to pay for your mistake. If a girl didn't want an abortion, oh well get over it. She made her decision you'll just have to live with it. Have fun paying child support. And I already one of you retards are gonna her body...her choice...her responsibility, fake as philosopher. Why can't you retards realize that this the baby is already born at this point and needs support! And since it is half yours you should support it.


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  • they think the women will use the money for herself

  • Yes, I agree, you shouldn't rely on the government to take care of your mistake. You should own up to your responabilities. But, in their defense, nobody likes losing money.

  • I can tell you why my brother b!tches about paying child support. He spoils his kids rotten and buys his boys everything. Theyre 5 and 7 and they both have Iphones and Ipads. He buys them expensive clothes, pays fpr their private schools and pretty much anything they want. He gives his ex 1300.00 a month for child support and she doesn't spend anything on them. I know you're probably gonna say that they don't need Iphones or other stuff, but if he don't buy them stuff, she won't either. Most guys would probably give the 1300 and tell their kids to ask their mother for money. I'm sorry but 1300 is a lot of money for 2 kids. Child support is to support the kids, not tje Ex wife that is to lazy and does not want to work. How many moms out there get child support and still get help from the government cause they choose to be on welfare? The system should be changed. If fathers support their kids, they should not have to pay child support. Women, and this I know because I have friends that get child support. Women use child support to support themselves. My friend has a 2010 truck that she pays with my brothers child support.

  • they would rather spend their money on their new girlfriend.

  • alot of the time its the girls with the baby or child so that's why they don't whine about child support. but a lot of guys don't wnat the kids that they are paying for and would have prefered to have them aborted (not saying I support abortion)

  • Because their intentions initially (before the baby came) was to behaving fun and screw with your brain/emotions/vagina! Now that their actions have screwed them they have become bitches and wine more than the baby does! Good for them...

    Vonda G. Nelson

  • I think child support is filled with emotions that cloud the truth. Since you actually pay it to the ex and not to the child, it can become a big issue when your ex actually has to ask you or push for the support. That is why I am a big fan of the court system taking it out of paychecks so two people that obviously did not get along very well in the first place are not in the position of playing collection agency every month.

    I do think the awarding of child support is not very equitable and I feel that with the economic downturn there are some flaws that have gotten worse. For instance, if you made a good amount of money at one point but due to the economy cannot make the same income, it doesn't necessarily mean you can have your support payments reduced. My fiance is in a difficult position because of this and it appears the courts just expect he should be able to make the same income eventually even though he is making less than his ex. Every month is a struggle and he owes back support from a period of time that he was not making enough money to cover the support.

    I am a woman that is paying support to my ex. I can see my ex is doing well, with a new luxury car and still able to own the large home we had together in our divorce. It makes me wonder that what I pay is too much but because he owns a business and it doesn't appear to be doing much better than when we divorced, heaven only knows what would happen. We get along well now, so the idea of fighting over this now is just not worth it.

    And, yes, there are some men out there that have no interest in caring either physically or financially for their children. They don't care, don't want to see them and don't want to take money they could spend on other activities and use it for a child. It sucks, but it happens.

  • Because they are selfish bastards & don't care about their own kids.

  • true

    my mom never got a penny the whole time she bought me up on her own on benefits

  • Yeah, girls are going to be frustrated about that but at the same time she decided to spread her legs and allow him to inseminate her anyway. I can see why guys would complain about it especially if the child isn't in his life like that like if he doesn't see the child that often. He's paying his hard earned money for a baby of a woman that he doesn't date or have any romantic interest in. I definitely think he should take responsibility for his actions but I can see how that would be annoying.

  • because if you were a one night stand he would have never have had to pay for sh*t.

    by being a reliable human being, he also becomes responsible for accidents that really you could have gotten an abortion for..

    when there is no societal structure, women are responsible for their children.

    and womens right are recent

    but most of ALL, he probably has to hate you deep down if he can't even be with you even though you bore his children. so why would he want to give you money, even if it all indirectly goes to pay for his children

    yea its going to pay the kids not you, but when you're handing the check over guys think short term and hate the feeling

    just sayin da truth

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  • Some do

    Some don't

    They bitch


    They are big kids

    Choose better men

  • To the guys that are Willing to have The child Well its not fair for a start. The guy does not get to live with this child and Can pay more than The mother. If they didn't want The child suck it up and grow up. Its a part of life. Baby Is born = life.

    Dont want to pay in life like everyone else don't live in it.

  • my dad paid a dime of child support, being a signle parent is the one of the hardest thing in the world, my mom worked her ass off. men should support their kids, I would if I was a guy

  • Well, a bit harsh Anonymous...I wouldn't be so quick to generalize all men.

    I've seen it both ways. My exhusband (even when he was seeing the kids) only paid a 1/3 of what he was court mandated to do so. I didn't call him out on it because, quite frankly, I didn't give a damn about his money. I left the marriage with nothing and didn't expect anything. As in, I didn't ask for child support even though I really could have used all of it.

    Now that he isn't seeing the kids at all (by court order), he refuses to pay anything because he isn't seeing them... Hmmm...for someone who professed to love them that much and would do whatever it took to see them happy blah blah blah has decided that he is going to pay nothing. Whatever.

    The man that I'm with now pays MORE than what he really has to but that's because he wants to. He feels that he is responsible (as much as his former wife) for the welfare of the children.

    I think it boils down to the personality of the man but I won't generalize. In my case, his farm and working on the rigs was far too important than paying $600 for 2 kids per month (although he only paid $200 for both). In his case, it was vindiction. He was convinced that I was wasting the money on myself and not the kids. Why not an RRSP or savings account then?

    That's gotta make you think...

  • because men are for the most part selfish and immature

  • agreed to an extent, they shouldn't whine about it as long as they get to see the child on a regular basis.

  • Ever heard of a man having full custody and getting child support form a woman? Pretty rare... even more rare is a man bitching about it (because they don't). My fiancee has full custody and recieves nothing from the mother. Courts won't do anything about it because (and read this carefully)... because he is not on welfare of any kind. Once a woman is pregnant, men have no rights.

    I completely understand the system of child support, and how it is SUPPOSED to help. But it is a system that is too easily abused as men's rights are stripped as soon as an embryo is fertilized. Society is telling men that their only value as a father is their money. Nothing else is considered. NOTHING. A few years ago I would have agreed that dead beat fathers disgust me, then I started dating a man with children and realized the absolute hell they can be forced to go through if the woman has any slight grudge against him. What really ticks me off is it is the guys that stick around and do their best to follow the laws that usually get screwed in the end. The guys that run off at the first word of missed period that get off scott free.

    • That's what I'm talking about. Its so easy for most girls to fire off at the mouth cause they watch too man talk shows but most men are not like that in their child/custody/child support situations and are getting royaly screwed. Bravo to you for taking a stand amongs all the raging feminist and laying down some hard cold TRUTH.

  • well from my experience, I'm going to say yes, the guy should have to pay child support. my mom married a complete asshole, and she was with him for ten years (married) and had both me and my brother. he never wanted either one of his children, and he basically ignored us all the time. never worked, never did anything to help. so, my mom divorced him. she had two kids already, she didn't want to take care of a third one. anyway, after she divorced him, he was ordered to pay child support, and he did for a while, but shortly after the checks stopped coming. my mom was too worn down to take him to trial, so she just struggled on as best as she could. so as a result, my mom worked at a dead end job, and could barely afford to make rent and feed me and my brother. so should a guy pay child support? f*** yes.

    on the other hand, if the guy marries a complete bitch who divorces him and takes all his money and only spends it on herself, then of course he shouldn't be giving her anything. however, the legal system is screwed up and imperfect, so there's no way to make sure that the money is used for the children.

    if the mother in question is single, and young, without a good source of income, I believe that the guy should be forced to pay child support, whether he likes it or not. otherwise it's not fair to the mother or her poor children. on the other hand, if a woman divorces her rich husband, and her children are say teenagers, and she can afford to take care of them herself, then I think it's stupid to make the guy fork over money that won't even be used on the children anyway. that's my opinion

    • how about this scenario a guy whose a waiter in a restraunt mets and falls in love with a woman of substance but before the final vows he signs a prenup saying if anything happens he leaves with what he came into the marraige with. he agrees latter on down the road the woman divorces him after having child. the man is now forced to pay child support on a waiters salary while the wife is a multimillioniar does that sound fair. yes its his child but he's penniless because all is taken from him.

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    Well, because in most states it is required that the man must pay the equivilent amount of money that they were using when the two parents split. If a man supports his chldren and wife and is making $100,000 a year, he must keep paying the amount required for his children to live that same lifestyle. It ahppens more than you think. But, there would be no bitching if the courts were fair, Virtually every child goes with the mother, only in extreme cases (mom is doing drugs or prostituting) while the father is a clearly better parent will he actually be given custody, the divorce system has been set up recently to help struggling women, but recently women have become more educated and more able to be independant. What's going on is unfair and I would even say sexist, the better parent should have custody, if that's the woman so be it.

    If on the other hand the dad is just a dead beat who has the money but refuses to pay it, he is just being an asshole.

    • check out my question here might find interesting


    • my mom left she wasn't a prostitute or on drugs she was getting her phd.,

      my dad raised 4 kids, while in grad school. he didn't complain. she sent child support -but I don't think very much, a few thousand a year, sometimes..

    • This is for Cleveland, Ohio... An unmarried woman is the natural legal custodian of her child and a father has no rights other than those granted to him by a court having jurisdiction. In Cleveland, that would be the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court. Absent a court order, or an ongoing proceeding, you have all the legal rights to do as you deem appropriate for your child, including relocating to another state.

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  • Because women understand their bodies and have thought it through for the most part or at least are willing to accept raising and supporting a child because their own body did it. Guys

    bitch about paying child support when they can't afford it. If they're a decent guy and have the money then they'll pay most likely. Young men don't think beyond having an orgasm honestly so why would they be thrilled about paying child support? For all you women out there that feel men are the problem your mistaken. The real problem is that there isn't birth control pills for men. Men have sex as enjoyment 9/10 not to create life. If men had a system where they could enjoy sex and not create life they would do it. That's the problem with condoms.

  • Yes its stupid...child support isn't even that much cosndiering how much really goes into raising a kid...just because you send a check doesn't make you a supportive father. BUT...I will say this...why is it that I would be expected to pay for a kid I don't want...and yet if the woman won't get an abortion or adopt it out...i still have to BUT the woman can, without my consent..even if I'm pleading with her to keep the baby..she can suck our kid and crush his bones with a vaccum tube and I have ZERO say. I'm an atheist but I'm anti-abortion and it makes dating impossbile seeing as how virtually ALL pro-life girls are uppity Christian zealots...If I was a woman...it wouldn't matter who I slept with because no guy can force me to abort...but I'm a guy so I would be at the mercy of the woman...she could destroy our unborn child without my consent...I think its inconsistent:

    A man who gets a woman pregnant but refuses to be a dad...is a deadbeat loser

    A mom who gets pregnant and chooses to get rid of her baby by killing it...shes just "pro-choice".

  • I agree...but I also think that women should be able to have an abortion against the guys will if he is willing to raise the child.

  • They whine about paying child support because girls are so nasty about it, like they DESERVE it for their smokes and drugs. If you didn't want "this kid" as you say, why get so nasty about demanding custody? Chill out.

  • No your right and men should step up and pay for their own mistakes, I don't understand how a bloke could deliberately watch his son/daughter go without or struggle that little bit more because he can't be arsed to pay for what was made during one night of selfishness, why should the child suffer, when the child had no say in the matter of being brought into this world, so if any man can sit there and watch his child go hungry or go to school without proper shoes or have her hair done nice or anything else the child may need in its years towards adulthood, then personally, I hope that man suffers later on in life, because people would give their right arm to be able to have that honour, but the woman must apolagise for ever allowing such a man to get close enough to her to get her pregnant, because it does take two, but both parents should pay I agree.

  • Why the hell did you get pregant in the first place?

    • condoms are a lot cheaper than babies ;)

  • ok you pay child support then.

  • The only time a guy should get upset about this is if he suspects that the money isn't being spent on the child. To put this into perspective, my mate is paying child support to his ex wife. He's actually forced to by law. The thing is - the kids live with him. Go figure!

  • cause child support is a shady system and a lot of women abuse it completely. Why do you think there's so much paternity fraud going on? Girls can have a guys paycheck seized with absolutely no proof that he's the father .. just claiming it is enough! (which is against the constitution btw).

    And you must be delusional since you act like having a child is her choice alone. Its both their kid so they both decide together, and they both raise the kid together. That's why having an abortion is BOTH of their choice, its both of their chromosomes mixing together to make life. If she wants to have the kid anyways, then she should pay for it herself. If he wants to have the kid and she doesn't, then it should go vice versa, he raises it and she doesn't pay anything.

    Honestly though, your looking at it from only one angle and its pretty immature of you.

  • i believe a guy should support what's his. hoewever it should be fair. in many cases the child support puts many guys especially in the age braket you have here(18-24) where their entire salaries are being taken leaving them with nothing to pay their own bills with. unless they are living with said girl. many of these guys because they pay child support can't even get foodstamps and if they are able the amount is so low it makes it not even worth going to apply for it. and in many cases they can't get any other fianacial assistance because of said child support once agencies find out the guys checks are being taken by garnishing to pay child support. it doesn't stop there does the guy get a break at the end of the yerat income tax time "no " all that also goes to child support.

    again if its fair and equatable to both parties I believe a guy should also a test should also be given to verify if child is the guys as well.

    • some of my friends I know have all their check taken only waty they survive at all areide jobs that pay cash only under the table

  • Have you seen how expensive child support is? Most men can't even afford it, and most of the "child support" doesn't even go to the actual child.

    My sister is getting over $600 a month from child support and she is still barely able to pay rent even with a new boyfriend, how do you think the real father is able to pay his bills when he's giving half of his money away?

    If only the mother wanted to keep the baby and only the mother is in the babies lives then she should be the only one supporting them.

  • i saw the question here and was a tad curious about the answers, and I gotta say, some of them I strongly disagree with while parts of some of them I do agree with.

    the people saying something along the lines of "he deserves the right to bitch and moan after the woman roped him in by having a baby." "right on. just another dumb c*nt bimbo with half a brain spouting feminist horse sh*t" "Sounds like a feminist talking." always makes me question their intelligence because for the first one, how would the woman "rope him in" if he was doing something to prevent the production of said child?

    As for the second one, if you are going to say it anyway then please don't type it in a way that makes you look like a dumbass (unless of course it is true then by all means go right on ahead) and I REALLY hope you aren't one of those dumbasses that think women belong in the kitchen, because if you are then I really feel sorry for both you, and any women that might be in or enter your life.

    For the third example, come on, really? it makes perfect sense for a mother who might just have lost a chance for her to get a really good job and start a good life just because some idiot was too lazy to apply a little bit of rubber to get paid for that little bit of laziness. And hell even if it was an accident then any self-respecting man would do the honorable thing and help pay for the child's well being.

  • cause you don't know how the money is used...

  • You know the real problem is that men, unlike women, don't know if the baby is there's for sure, but they always know they have to pay for it even if it isn't there if the girl just up and says he's the dad, and goes to court for money from him. he may never even see the child...but he has to pay for a child that 99 percent of the time they DONT dna test for verification. I believe if a man should have to be obligated by law to making payments for a child that is supposedly his for the next 20 YEARS...then there should be undeniable proof that the child is his. If they can pass a law requiring a man to pay child support then they should amend that law that every man get a free paternity test BEFORE being held financially liable to ANY claim for child support. This is the voice of a man who likes the idea of EQUAL treatment...women know the child is theres...a man disserves the same knowledge...not the assumption that he can trust the females word, but fact...dna fact.

    • this responder quote:


      cause child support is a shady system and a lot of women abuse it completely. Why do you think there's so much paternity fraud going on? Girls can have a guys paycheck seized with absolutely no proof that he's the father .. just claiming it is enough! (which is against the constitution btw).

      ever watch the MAURY TV program its full of paternity issues. one gal on there had to have more than 10 guys come on before she found the right father of her child.

  • I was a single father for many years, and I have to say A. Commonly women don't pay child support, because they are the ones who get the kid---B. Even if there is a 50-50 split in care for the child, or the kid spends more time with the father STILL he usually pays child support to the ex. C. I have full custody and my ex-wife pays me child support and that cheatingbitch was SO angry about the child support that she never spoke to him or I again---its been over 5 years since she saw or talked to her own son, but she did always complain about the support...heard about it from her parents. "Oh I can't afford that, its so hard for me to pay" yeah well it was hard for me to pay for EVERYTHING, RAISE MY BABY SON ALONE, AND IT WAS HARD TO BALANCE HAVING A JOB, GOING TO COLLEGE, AND RAISING MY CHILD WITH NO HELP. So f to the her...

  • Well women have the choice of keeping the child, giving it up for adoption, or aborting it. Men are not given that choice. So women who really don't want the child won't keep it. As for women not complaining about child support.

    Census figures show only 57 percent of moms required to pay child support -- 385,000 women out of a total of 674,000 -- give up some or all of the money they owe. That leaves some 289,000 "deadbeat" mothers out there, a fact that has barely been reported in the media.

    That compares with 68 percent of dads who pay up, according to the figures.

    This is from foxnews.com

  • I think you're overstating the case -- nobody says once past abortion, the "burden" of kids is on the woman! But the point is that child support laws (and custody too) are very badly skewed against men in most parts of the globe today.

  • OK let's run with this idea. The baby is half of a man's.

    Women should pay men restitution when they get an abortion, by this same logic. After all, that's half his kid. Destruction of property and what not. In fact, women shouldn't even be allowed to have an abortion without the male's consent because it is half the man;s. Women should be medically subjected to paternity tests so that men can determine whether ho's that sleep around are trying to run off with HIS kid.

    Also rape victims should be able to be sued for paternity rights by their alleged rapist, and false rape claims should be punished by imprisonment.

    • did you just say rape victims should be sued?! are you f***ing joking?!?!?! Because being raped isn't horrific enough...

  • Women that have to pay child support do complain. My ex complained, took disability, even got herself fired to avoid paying child support.Once threatened to sign off her parental rights. she paid $150 once and 300 another time..saying she couldn't afford to pay me and her own bills. After being split for about 8 or 9 months I finally had to take her to court, Judge decided on $410 and health insurance. She should have settled for the $300 I asked for.

    She has a BF, they filed bankruptcy and are now paying around $40k for a house and 2 cars (think she told me $450 something a month). Meanwhile I get stuck with a mortgage, all credit cards, med bills and Vacation property.

    I think women hear men complain more because it is uncommon for the female to be paying. There are some dead beat Moms out there too.

  • I think you have it aaaalll wrong. See, REAL men get a job, a career even, before they decide to have kids. REAL men wrap it up if they don't want a kid, not "going raw" and being stupid as sht. REAL men LOVE providing for their family, Yes FAMILY SINGULAR, not a ton of little demons he has spawned all across the world. These are all things that REAL men do, not the fake mofos that you're talking about.

    I hate it how when a couple retarded fools that don't know anything about life get all of us good men out here generalized. Stop going after the fools that don't care about you and let a REAL man in!

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