Do you prefer thin or in shape?

Guys do you prefer girls who are naturally thin, not too skinny, with a little curves and a naturally "hot" body or girls who are more average size, pretty thin, and in shape/toned with curves too.

Basically, how important is being in shape when you look at how hot a girls body is?


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  • I like girls who are in shape.

    But... at the same time what's important is more than just body shape.

    Obviously physical attraction matters, but any guy who will judge you on your body shape alone isn't worth going for.

    Be comfortable in your own skin, and if you feel like you need to lose a few pounds or gain them, by all means do so. But do it for yourself, and not because it's what you think or are told guys like better. These sort of superficial guys are the last thing you want or need.

    In short. My answer is : Not really that important.


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  • I prefer emaciated women with innumerable diseases.

  • I prefer 'in shape' over naturally 'skinny'...the look of a toned & slender body looks better than a naturally slender body. :)

  • Not hugely important (I'm more of a mental guy, she has to be bright), but I do look to see what kind of shape she's in, and if she respects herself and her body enough to eat okay and exercise; Not too thin or large, just what's right for her. I won't lie, it's nice when she's in good shape, fit (I like it when she can keep up with me physically; Exercising or otherwise) but it's not an all-or-nothing factor. As for thin versus shape, curves, curves, curves, hands down. As long as they fit your body and size, I think curves are a defining factor to your womanly figure, and I definitely prefer a smooth curve to a stick figure.

    • Sorry if this is a lot to ask but do you think you could find a picture or give me an example of someone you think has your ideal curves. Because I never understand what guys mean by that, what is curvy vs average vs fat?

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    • That makes sense

      Okay tlel me when you find one :)

    • Hard to define, as it changes depending on the person and their body type, and even harder to find good pics.


      Notice how they are sort of a smooth-fit. Not gaunt, not starving themselves for some ideal; They eat, they exercise and they look good because they look natural. Toned, may be the word I'm looking for.

  • I prefer girls who are skinny to girls who are average. In shape is preferred. Keep in mind that many guys like girls on the heavy side. Some guys are also very particular about girls being in good shape. Personality is the most desired trait so just make sure that's good and you're golden.


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    enough said?

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  • I think being in shape and fitness is important because in the long run naturally thin girls don't stay naturally thin and hot without exercise.

    I have always been thin and curvy but in my 40's the fact that I do pushups, pullups, squats and core work makes a huge difference. Having a fit body is just sexier and keeps you more energized and it doesn't even take that much time either, surprisingly.

  • I think a flat tummy is pooch...but it's not neccessary to see many muscles or anything like that.

  • thin AND in good shape.

  • In shape.

  • I don't understand why you are separating the two. I am both skinny and curvy. You are kicking the gymnasts and dancers out of this equation. You make no sense

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