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Do you prefer thin or in shape?

Guys do you prefer girls who are naturally thin, not too skinny, with a little curves and a naturally "hot" body or girls who are more average size,... Show More

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  • I like girls who are in shape.

    But... at the same time what's important is more than just body shape.

    Obviously physical attraction matters, but any guy who will judge you on your body shape alone isn't worth going for.

    Be comfortable in your own skin, and if you feel like you need to lose a few pounds or gain them, by all means do so. But do it for yourself, and not because it's what you think or are told guys like better. These sort of superficial guys are the last thing you want or need.

    In short. My answer is : Not really that important.

What Guys Said 59

  • I prefer 'in shape' over naturally 'skinny'...the look of a toned & slender body looks better than a naturally slender body. :)

  • I prefer emaciated women with innumerable diseases.

  • I prefer girls who are skinny to girls who are average. In shape is preferred. Keep in mind that many guys like girls on the heavy side. Some guys are also very particular about girls being in good shape. Personality is the most desired trait so just make sure that's good and you're golden.


  • "Do you prefer thin or in shape?"

    I thought they were one in the same.

  • Well I like a curvy girl who is in shape. I generally don't like it if there is too much muscle definition I'm not into female bodybuilders :P, I prefer smooth, thin and curvy. But not too thin like I don't want her to look like a UN advertisment campaign for food relief in Somalia...

  • as long as the girl is proportionate, healthy not overweight and not anorexic. I personally love the voluptious look

  • link

    enough said?

    • i don't get it. what are you trying to say?

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    • hahaha sweet. I feel like that's attainable! Thanks for that haha.

    • ... I don't have large hips or big chest >.<

  • I prefer curvier women, skinny isn't for me (personally I think it doesn't look nice, my opinion though) I like girls who have curls or are slightly overweight, 'chubby' as I love round, bright, 'choppy' faces. Plus usually curvier and chubby women tend to have a nice pair of... hands, definately wasn't going to say t*ts

  • Thin is in shape. Its OK if a woman is chubby but she can't be fat.

    • link

      is that considered to be 'a stick'?

      Thats not me by the way ha ha I don't know if that would change your response

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    • Thats kierra knightley in your first link and she f***ing beautiful, so I disagree strongly.

      This may appeal to you more and it's the same "stick" girl link

    • @anneer Keira has a pretty face but she's too skinny so her body's a turnoff.

  • I personally like athletic girls. Therefore a girl who is in shape is great.

  • Not hugely important (I'm more of a mental guy, she has to be bright), but I do look to see what kind of shape she's in, and if she respects herself and her body enough to eat okay and exercise; Not too thin or large, just what's right for her. I won't lie, it's nice when she's in good shape, fit (I like it when she can keep up with me physically; Exercising or otherwise) but it's not an all-or-nothing factor. As for thin versus shape, curves, curves, curves, hands down. As long as they fit your body and size, I think curves are a defining factor to your womanly figure, and I definitely prefer a smooth curve to a stick figure.

    • Sorry if this is a lot to ask but do you think you could find a picture or give me an example of someone you think has your ideal curves. Because I never understand what guys mean by that, what is curvy vs average vs fat?

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    • That makes sense

      Okay tlel me when you find one :)

    • Hard to define, as it changes depending on the person and their body type, and even harder to find good pics.


      Notice how they are sort of a smooth-fit. Not gaunt, not starving themselves for some ideal; They eat, they exercise and they look good because they look natural. Toned, may be the word I'm looking for.

  • its important. however, how naturally in shape or petite she is matters

  • i struggle to see the distinction

    i suppose if there's evidence the girl works to stay in shape and succeeds that's a sign she is committed to maintain a healthy weight and knows how to do it.

    toned, worked out girl-butts may never get cellulite, ever - just ask any ballerina.

  • thin and in shape

  • Depends on the woman... I love all shapes an sizes... Black White thick thin... It's what's on the inside that counts and how she acts...

  • I do think body shape is important, but as long as you are healthy. I can tell if a girl is healthy...whether she is thin or not.

    although I typically prefer thin girls, I have been (and currently am) attracted to average build girls.

  • in shape, but also think, she doesn't have to work out everyday, maybe just enough to stay healthy? 3-5 days a week 1-2 hours work outs

    • ummmm 1-2 hour workouts is a hell of a lot. If its what you want great, but that goes beyond "just enough to stay healthy."

    • Lets settle with, its based on personal, subjective preference

  • curves... I like curvy

  • I prefer as many curves as possible without slopiness, stomac fat or muffin. I don't care about how fit she is or looks but I do like abs and tone, curves and no bad fat is definitely more important

  • In shape, very much in shape. I'm a heterosexual male, I don't what to date a women with the proportions of a boy.

    • not in shape = boyish proportions ?

      it sound like your talking about considering that is what gives girl feminate figures

  • Definitely a curvier "in shape" body. I'll be honest; Skinny is gross.

  • Sounds like they're both equally hot! As far as how important being in shape is, ONLY in the sense that I know it would be good for the girl's health, but as far as it being a deal breaker for NOT being in shape, not a chance...

  • in shape

  • id go for sporty looking body over naturally thin any time

    personally id also go for Allison Stokke (pole vaulter) over megan fox (actress)

  • A little curvy but athletic

  • It's EVERYTHING. I can't scream it enough. Forget being skinny and be IN SHAPE! I mean girls that eat and workout and have a little bit of muscle going on. Girls that are intelligent enough to measure their body by what they see in the mirror and not numbers (pants sizes, dress sized, weight, etc...) Look at these olympic gymasitcs girls, they are perfect 10's and if you ask them what they weigh, they don't even know. They don't care. And their goals are in the gym and not in the fitting room. And they will turn your mans head away from you skinny mini's 7 DAYS A WEEK just by walking in the room. The time has come girls...EVOLVE. Take your thinking to the next level and put down the magazines.

  • if I had to choose I would say in shape. because its just better for your health. someone can be really thin naturally but be in really bad shape. if there's a girl that can chase down the bus and get on without lookin like she just ran a marathon, I think that's pretty cool and hot at the same time. I'm not expecting world class athletes when I say in shape women, I just mean someone who respects their body enough to have some level of physical fitness

    • and can run a mile in under 10 minutes.

    • i guess mile times are a good overall indicator of your level of fitness, but I wouldn't put so much weight on that. the oldest definition of physical fitness is, being able to do everything you need to do in a day without getting tired. so if said girl can take care of whatever is thrown at her (in my example chasing down the bus) without too much effort, id say she's in good shape. just my opinion of course :)

  • Thin with a cute ass and small/medium breasts is hot. If a girl is bigger she has to be in shape piimho.

    • so weird, I agree 1 million % lol...i hate big boobs, id rather it be in the ass and then exactly what you said small/medium breasts...thin/athletic is good...right on buddy!

  • It's nice when a girl looks like she's in good shape, but it's the best when she is in good shape. I'm a very active person and when I can play soccer with a girl I like or go running with her and she's up for it and maybe even making me look like an idiot. Personal opinion it's awesome. It's a lot more awesome if she likes me.

  • I thought they were the same thing?

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What Girls Said 19

  • I think being in shape and fitness is important because in the long run naturally thin girls don't stay naturally thin and hot without exercise.

    I have always been thin and curvy but in my 40's the fact that I do pushups, pullups, squats and core work makes a huge difference. Having a fit body is just sexier and keeps you more energized and it doesn't even take that much time either, surprisingly.

  • being thin doesn't necessarily guarantee that one is in "good shape" ..but with being in shape ..it's likely that one is fit ..and one doesn't have to be thin in order to be fit.. I personally am fit but not thin.

  • I think a flat tummy is crucial...no pooch...but it's not neccessary to see many muscles or anything like that.

  • In shape.

  • any size as long as they are comfortable in their own skin.

  • I don't understand why you are separating the two. I am both skinny and curvy. You are kicking the gymnasts and dancers out of this equation. You make no sense

  • every guy has his own opinion and if the girl has a great personality and a beautiful face I don't think it matters...unless she's obese

  • I'm a chick, and personally I like proportion. Proportion on a skinny, normal, curvy, all ladies are beautiful if they take care of themselves and keep in shape! I am slightly biased though towards more slim girls though, cause I like to see more definition in facial features and along the jawline, neckline, and collar bones.

  • I don't quite understand why you divide women into "thin" and "in shape". I consider myself both thin and in good shape (I've been training gymnastics and dancing for many years). Apart from that thin women can be curvy too. I have a small butt but it may not look that small comapred to my waist which is also very thin. So I think it's a matter of proportion. Some men may prefer petite women, others bigger ones but being in shape is a must for every woman respecting herself. I don't know how it is elsewhere but in my area guys prefer thin women and in shape so I'm happy to be the way I am. )

    • i see that

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    • I recently saw a similar question that provided a pic with three girls. One of them was naked but covering with her hands her best attributes. She was a size 12 and I estimate about 5'5". She also had thighs most girls would call 'thunder thighs' which, to me, was an added bonus. So now I know, Evangelina, that I prefer my girls to be a size 12 and must have thunder thighs.

  • Im not a lesbian, but I think anyone looks better if they are fit as opposed to just thin.

  • thin AND in good shape.

  • I gave up trying to be skinny. I'm average, I have big boobs with a flat stomach, a butt and endless curves. I am who I am and I work out for health. I wouldn't want a guy that is going to require me to have a fitness routine or eat air for breakfast. If a guy doesn't like you for you, then you can tell him to go have a wonderful relationship with his dumbbells!

  • i like my woman skinny :)

    and I like my men plump :)

  • Thin reminds me of skinny which sounds disgusting in general for men and woman.

    But slim and in shape seems to be fine with me.

  • same thing

  • just be healthy, and then your confidence and joy will attract people to you.

  • I think guys overall prefer someone who works for the shape they're in. I noticied that guys tend to prefer girls who work out to those who don't, regardless of their natural shape. Take for example me and my little sister. She is naturally thin and when I am in shape (I go through periods where I don't exercise and get out of shape, like right now :/) people actually think I look better than her. When I am at my heavier side (Like right now) I always get rude comments about how I need to lose weight (from her friends mostly) and how crappy I look. Now, the only difference is two sizes, and I don't really think size 8-9 counts as a fat-ass yet but apparently it does to some people. When I am on my thin side (6-7), people check me out who would never bat an eyelash at me before. The thing is, guys want a girl as hot as they think they can get, which is in-shape. The hardest body to obtain will always be the most attractive one. Like, in Roman times everyone was starving so fat people were deemed the most attractive, the bigger the better. Nowadays, being in shape and actually working out is the hardest, so that is the thing most wanted.

  • Most men I've dated have like the fact that I workout daily and am thin but fit (smaller then average 100 to 105 pounds and almost 5 6), but I have 32 d breasts and hipsso have a womanly figure I'm just muscled so thin side. I like my man to be fit to so maybe that's why.

  • I think it depends on the guy. In general, guys do like curves. and being in shape can help anyone's body look hotter. I was never heavy, and I have a natural hourglass shape. I started working out a lot at the gym a few months ago and watching what I eat more and I feel so great! everybody has a certain natural shape but working out and watching what you eat will tone and shape your body so much better and really make the best out of what you've got. being toned and not flabby always helps a lot. I think that as a general guideline, guys prefer more boobs to less, more butt to less. but if it's between small boobs and butt and an overall thin body versus being heavy guys would prefer less curves and a lower weight.

    • I agree with you. I have had experience with this. I get bypassed for girls like this. I could have more boobs and I am an hour glass shape yet they prefer sticks. It does not have to with personitly because I have even found out from a question on here that this only works if you are able to chat with the guys. They still notice looks first. Sucks for women like me.

    • Im agree as well. There's an old old saying regarding women..."The meat is for the MAN, and the BONE is for the dog." My mother has reminded me of this time and time again. Be proud of the fact that you're an hour glass shape! There are some guys out there that do enjoy the butt and boobs!

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