Is this just a rebound?

Okay well my ex boyfriend and I broke up just about 2 weeks. We were only one week short of our 1 year anniversary. Anyways we were a long distance because we go to different high schools. :( Well we kind of broke up suddenly and it was kind of unexpected...

When we broke up he seemed really hurt about it and he cried and was very upset. He told me that I deserve someone better and that he's not worth it. He told me that he still loved me and will always have feelings for me. (This was like the week of the break up) And now it's been about a week and half after he said that and now he's saying he has no feelings for me at all and that we're better off as best friends. We talked about him having feelings for another girl...and what I just don't get it how he moved on so quickly! Plus this girl is like 2-3 years older than him and in high school that's kind of weird for our society at ou are school. I heard from a mutual friend that he might ask her out in a couple of weeks during some band trip and II know it's stupid of me but I think he's just making a big mistake and rebounding too quickly.

It's just not fair how he's already fine and has a new girl. How do I seem like I'm okay too? I really want him to see that I'm better off now and that I don't need him and I want to make him jealous...Ugh. What do you think is going on in his mind? It was just so sudden..the break up was...:| and after that he lead me on to think we were getting back together! and only 2 weeks later he is in love with some other girl?! What the heck is this? Should I just ignore him for now? we have been keep in contact for awhile because we are "best friends" like we were before we started dating. But this is not normal for me and its really different and I can't do it. So I'm going to ignore him now. Is this the right thing to do? I hope this is just a rebound. I'm so upset and angry right now..I'm sorry if you read this and got really confused.


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  • Please focus on yourself rather than on him. This is not about proving you are better off and all that. Let him go on with his life and you go on with yours.


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  • Don't ignore him but rather tell him you want time to maybe reconnect with other friends and get him off your mind. With a relationship, you can't just bounce back to friends that quick. You need time apart. And as for him, it really sounds like a rebound but you can't be paying attention to that. So venture out to find some other friends that maybe you didn't have time to be be with before or go to parties and events that you didn't go to before and give yourself other things to keep your mind on.