He hasn't been calling me or texting me much. Wtf is going on with my best guy friend?

So my best guy friend and I have been extremely close and everything lately. We have always been best friends and been there for each other no matter what. Well, the other day a friend of mine asked him if he liked me. Apparently he got all defensive and was like "No I don't like her like that. She's just a good female friend." Ever since then, he hasn't been calling me or texting me much. And when he does it's to talk about other girls he likes, or just to tease me and insult me and call me a bitch or a slut. I tell him to stop and he says he's just joking and I'm being too sensitive. I don't know what's going on. I just want my best friend back. I thought he was different, but he's now turning into the other douche bags who have been in my life or my past. Whenever I address him, he just says I'm overreacting. I want my best friend back, and I don't know what to do...


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What Guys Said 1

  • He might just be immature and talk about the girls that he likes and call you a slut to cover up the fact that he likes you. Or he might just think of you as a friend, and when your friend asked if he liked you it might have implied that you like him. It can really scare a guy when a girl he doesn't like, likes him.


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  • Maybe he doesn't want to admit that he likes you, or doesn't want to ruin your friendship by admitting he likes you (and in turn is ruining it by acting like a d***). Maybe this is his defense mechanism and it's his way of "proving to everybody" that he "doesn't like you".