Should I ask her to date me after prom?

She none-the-less asked me to prom. She is super old fashioned. Wanted the guy to make the first move but since its not my prom, she told her brother that she wanted to go with me knowing that her brother would tell me. Her brother is my best friend. We know we think each other are attractive. I'm 2 years older, in college, have 2 jobs. My heads on straight and I hate playing games. After I walk her up to her front door, should I just ask if she would like to date or should I go in for a kiss? any suggestions would be appreciated.


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  • I wouldn't make any moves on the actual prom night. It sounds like you like her too. Since you are going to be around her all night you will know her a little more. I am guessing that she is a senior since it is her prom? This means that she will be out of high school and maturing. I think the best thing to do it wait and see if she comes on to you. Maybe you guys will end up hanging out all the time. This may end up with a relationship. You may also find yourself gaining feelings for her after spending prom with her. She may also do the same. If she goes for the kiss all I wouldn't deny her, this may lead her to believe that you don't like her. BUT it is your best friend's sister. Have you talked to your friend about this? Because if it doesn't work out then your friendship may be hurt. Basically, live for the moment but don't go too far. Good Luck! :)

    • All in all that's what everyone else has told. Yea I specifically made sure to ask my friend first what he thought about me dating his siter. He was the one that actually told me when she broke it off with her boyfriend so I can ask her. She only dated her boyfriend for a month or 2 so nothing serious. But yea he actually suggested that I make a move on his sister before I actually was getting interested in her.

    • Interesting. I guess he is cool with you dating his sister. Sounds like you are a great guy and he trusts you. Don't let your relationship get between your friendship. Sounds like you guys have a good, solid, trustworthy one. Thanks for the best answer! Good Luck with everything and have fun at prom!


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  • Well, if she wanted to go to prom with you, then she has a bit of a thing for you, and chances are that a kiss wouldn't go unwelcomed. Then again, it's completely up to you, and the kind of moment that the whole 'walk-her-to-the-door' situation creates.

    If it feels right, kiss her! She'll love it. If you don't feel like doing that just yet, ask her to date you. Or, do both - preferably the question then the kiss. She'll be crazy for you.



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  • That's at your discretion. If you think a kiss would be appropriate and welcomed then I'd say "Go for it". However, if you'd like to date a little first before making that kind of move then there's no harm in that either.