She got mad at me, why?

So this girl asked me 3 times "we should hang out soon". she's a new co-worker and I think she might like me, I like her also. every time I wanted to hang out she always would have an excuse. one of her excellent excuses was "I am crawling into bed now" and it would be like 7pm. So I just started to ignore her and not talk to her anymore. I figured I didn't want to waste my time on trying to hang with her anymore, plus I thought she was playing me. Then one day she was with a group of girls and I started talking to all of them except her. Later we saw each other and she said" why are you being mean, why won't you hang out with me"? I just smiled and said " because your never available, so I gave up", she said "you suck" and walked off. why did she get mad at me when she was the one blowing me off?


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  • Because she wanted for you to try. She wanted to feel special, that you care that much to ask her again and again.


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  • It might have been the way you said it to her that made her mad.. or maybe she was hoping you go after her till you get her.


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  • -.- amateur man, never tell them the truth, it is the whole name of the game. she was obviously into you or she wouldn't care, but then you pretty much blow her off when she showed interest.