How do I make my boyfriend understand that I am not ready to kiss him yet?

I am 16 and just not sure whether I am ready or not..i don't want to upset him but I just want to try and make him understand that um simply not ready yet..


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  • how can he be your boyfriend if you haven't even kissed yet? that's just friends

    • Is kissing the only way to have a relationship :|


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  • As you said you're 16.

    So why would you want to?!?!?

    • Coz I think he wants to but he doesn't know um not much into it :|

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    • lol that's why you just need to try it and practice. It will be fun for you two to learn how to kiss using each others lips.

    • Ah,see :P um even scared to try that on him :| um sorry if that sounds lame -___-

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  • Believe me girl, I was in the EXACT same situation. It came to a point where he would try to kiss me and I would pull away then he would get offended. Just do it, if you know he is ready then take the risk and kiss the boy! I regret not kissing my boyfriend soon enough, you'll be scared at first but once that first kiss is done it'll be a piece of cake !

  • why can't you tell him what you told us?

    • Weelll,that could help too,but I donno how he's gonna react :|

    • but if he's your boyfriend he should care for you and if he's worth anything hell want you to trust him. imo if you can't trust him enough to tell hum you are not ready, you will never enjoy kissing him. you'll feel used. and undermined.