How would you feel about your girlfriend hanging out with a guy friend who was flirting with her?

Would you be okay with it or would you not want her to go?


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  • I wouldn't like the other guy being around her if he's being a flirty fool. I wouldn't feel like my girlfriend would just run off with the dude, but I don't trust the guy because he's obviously looking out for his own desires. My girlfriend is considering me, he isn't and doesn't care. But unless they were going to his/her house, then I don't really have the right to tell her what she can or can't do. I can only tell her what makes me uncomfortable.

  • I wouldn't like it, I mean its not like I don't trust my girl, I just wouldn't trust another guy with intrest if that makes sense, pretty much you have to ask yourself the same question, would you be OK with your man hanging out with a female friend who was flirting with him?


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