Could this discourage you if you liked the girl?

I know the guy who obviously liked me (he probably still does) ... but he has never made any move on me. I used to tell him, how I do not want any boyfriend, about my affairs, I was flirting with other boys ... etc. I kissed him and then I started act like it did not mean anything to me... I said it was just for fun and I would never date him (I lied) ... Could this discourage you even if you liked the girl? Or would you just ignore it and tell her you like her?


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  • when a girls says to me "I would never date you", I take that at face value and move on, no matter what else she does. In fact I have a "friend" like that right now (I can't get rid of her) and in the beginning, yeah I was interested, I played the does she like me or not game, but then she dropped the "I would never Date you" line on me... so I told her I would never Date her either, but I would definitely use her for sex. she still bugs me all the time, but I honestly have no interest in her anymore, not even if she was throwing her naked body at me... I don't have time for head games.


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  • Um, yeah? lol When all a girl gives me are signs that she doesn't want a boyfriend, wouldn't want to date me in particular, when she's only ever interested in flings, when she's interested in a bunch of other guys at the same time, etc.

    Not only would I feel like she's not interested, but I'd lose interest in her as well because I'd feel like I couldn't keep up with her, have anything serious, or even stand out from her other boy things.

  • Picture someone doing that to you whom you really really like. You want nothing more than to be with him yet he don't show any interest in you yet he is always messing with other girls. Would it p*ss you off? Ofcourse.

    Personally if a girl did that to me I may not just drop her but I would pursue other avenues and if things happened between us than great but I wouldn't hold my breath.

  • I'd avoid a woman like you like the plague, no matter how attractive or cool you are.


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