Is it okay to do stuff solo with my boyfriends' friends?

Since I started dating my boyfriend, I have become friends with his friends, in particular with one of his best guy buds. I know he trusts both his friend and myself and I have absolutely 0 romantic interest with the friend, but we have a few common interests and get along pretty well. Mostly I just want a running partner, the friend is a big runner and my boyfriend doesn't have time to run. To me it seems like a good deal for all of us, I help the friend meet girls, I get a running partner, and my boyfriend doesn't have to worry about me hanging out with random guys. Do you think that would be over the line?


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  • I don't think it is wrong, I just don't know if it is a good idea. So, if your boyfriend doesn't have any reactions to this and this guy doesn't do anything to indicate he sees you as more than a friend when you hang out, nothing to worry about. Keep in mind that best friends can and do cross the line and many times guys only hang out with girls because they do have a romantic or sexual interest in the girl and hope some how some way they will end up with the girl.

    Not sure how this fixes an issue around you not hanging out with random guys. You shouldn't be hanging out with randoms to begin with.


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  • In my opinion, not at all! As long as you two trust each other it should be fine. If he ever questions you about it or if it bothers either of you, just explain that you want someone to run with and that you still like/love him and that this guy is just a friend.

    It's okay to have friends other than your boyfriend and it's definitely okay to hangout/workout with friends. The fact that this guy is also your boyfriends' friend should only be a positive for you both.

    Have fun running! :)

    • I meant to say "not at all" to your question at the end, and "yes" to the main question at the top in case that was confusing. hah

    • Sweet! That is definitely what I wanted to hear, lol. Thanks for the input (:

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  • Not at all. Totally harmless <3