What if you like two different guys?

Both very different guys with different personalities. I don't know which one to pick. :S

One always hugs me and flirts and is not shy at all.

The other one is kind of shy, and tries a lot of effort to chat to me.

But I like them both. confused.

Thanks everyone, but now thinking about it. I think I like the shy one (2nd guy), I don't know why though. Guess the first one, I will need to tell him we are just mates.


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  • I agree with the first to people who answered. But I'd like to add: choose who YOU like.

    Do you know if they love you? If you do, the choice is indeed all about lifestyle and stuff.

    Are you not sure? Make sure you don't chose for guy 1 because you know that you have less chance with guy 2.

    It happened to me: a guy had to chose between me and my best friend. He chose for her because he thought he would have more chance of being accepted with her then with me. And afterward, he always wanted to be with me, which made me and my friend very unhappy.

    Just one of the things that could happen if you make a choice based on the fear of being rejected. Don't know if that's what could happen here, but just so you know.


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  • Make a decision on which one would be better suited for you and your lifestyle. Would you end up getting jealous over boy 1 if he's flirting with others? That sort of thing. Since you like them equally, you'll have to look at other qualities to see which is the better choice. Otherwise, choose neither.



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  • Figure out which one likes you. that's what I usually do when I like more than one guy, if they both do then just see which one asks you out first. Most of the time the longer you get to know them the more you will lean towards one guy so just give it time.

  • I know it's very hard to choose from two , but I can't tell you who to choose. That's something you'll have to decide for yourself. You have to with what your gut feeling tells you on this one. ask yoursefl "Hey Self, Which guy do I really like the most?" Think about qualities you really want in a guy , which guy shows them. I hope I helped and I hope you can decide :)

  • Simple. Take them both and do a 3-way.

    Problem solved