Should I call or text?

The other night, I was out with some friends at a local watering hole and I noticed this cute guy a few tables away checking me out, so I shot him my best "come hither" look; this kept on for the rest of the night, and eventually, he came over and slipped me his digits on a napkin. It's been 2-ish days, and I'm thinking about hitting him up, but I need to know if I should call or text him? And what on earth do I say?!


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  • Text him, say Its the cute girl at the bar you gave your number to :), hows it going.


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  • Text. You won't catch him at a bad time and you can perfect what you want to say. With that said, there is the chance that he doesn't reply or takes long to reply leaving you hanging...

    • On that note, what do I say when I text him?

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  • hey I'm the are you doing...

    • I have no clue on how this site works but this message came back to my inbox? Anyway, I am doing fine, what did you text back with in the end?

    • good to know you are doing fine:) strange system lol