Is it alright to date my ex boyfriend's brother?

I was 17 when I was dating my ex we were high school sweethearts and we dated for a year and a half and I lived with him and his parents and brothers. So after a year and half of being together my ex broke up with me but I stayed really close to the family. My ex passed away in 2006 and I was heart broken and I was there with the family through everything. I am still to this say really close to the family. So here is my things I had a crush on his one brother for a while and I have known about his crush on me for years. I just want to know weather it wrong to do out on a date with my exs brother?


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  • if its alright with him then I guess its alright then.

    I'm pretty sure he's closer to his brother than you are to him.


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  • Nope.


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  • sure I would think it would be fine might want to run it by the family and see how they react.

    • they are fine with it. I am really close to the family to begain with.

    • then it sounds like everyone's feeling OK with it except for you...maybe you're feeling alittle guilty or weird about it yourself so you're checking with others to see if it's OK from the outside looking in?