Who wants to rant about co-workers!! uggh..

Share your stories with those you spend more time with than your own family and the things they to do to drive you up the wall.


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  • A guy I work with always gotta be right when we have a deep conversation. he never lets me be right like he knows everything and I know nothin. He rarily agrees with me and it drives me nuts because I know I be sayin some true stuff that other people would normally agree on and he just not fun to conversate with because he always knockin down what I'm sayin. *Annoyed* And he thinks out loud too much and if you didn't know him, you would think he was talkin to himself but he is not.

    • she "think" she knows it all, and her word is basically gospel... YEAH Right... She takes out her own personal life on her coworkers.. Just because people spread rumors about her being a ho.

    • huh? I think you meant to submit this to someone else


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  • most of mine either snitch or kiss ass or gossip too much, very annoying.

  • They've either got bad attitudes, are annoying, or don't know when to shut up-


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  • they talk so much and get no work done. it's impossible for me to work with all that chatter about.

    • and leave you to pick up the slack when its busy because they are too busy talking.