Why would she kiss me?

My ex and I had a long and drawn out break up. She says she doesn't want to get back together, then we had sex, then she said the same thing. When I left her house and said goodbye, she gave me a long kiss on the lips.

Why would she give me a kiss? Is she still interested despite what she said?


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  • Here's my take, based on my own recent experience.

    My most recent ex broke up with me... but was then so lonely that she asked me to hang out all of the time. We spent as much time together after we broke up as we did when we were dating.

    I slept over at her place almost every night, in her bed, and she would still kiss me every time we were together. (always initiated by her)

    But... this was only to make her feel better, not because she wanted to get back together. I found out the nights she was alone, she couldn't sleep, so having me around helped her get over her loneliness... nothing more. When I asked if we could try again, she would cry and tell me she didn't "feel that way" anymore.

    For your sake, I truly hope your situation is different... Your ex still likes you, no doubt. But she is only doing just enough to keep you around for the time being. She knows what it takes to keep you just happy enough to stick around, and is stringing you along until she is ready to move on with someone else.

    Again, I hope I am wrong... in this case I am more than happy to be proven wrong. But I say you should start to move on and cut all ties... otherwise, if she keeps messing with your head like this, you will delay your healing ten-fold.


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  • Sometimes it's hard to let go of things that are familiar. Think of it as leaving home for the first time - you want to because you know it's good for you/you can't deal with your parents anymore/whatever and yet when you come visit it's still super nice. Because it's familiar. You know what to expect, you can relax and you know what you expect.

    Her situation could very well be the same. If you guys went out for a while, and then spent a long time breaking up - you probably knew each other very well and went through a fair amount of emotional turmoil. And no matter how much she knows you guys won't work as a couple, she feels comfortable around you because it's familiar. The way you kiss her, touch her, etc.


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  • Shes either down with friends w. benefits or she's a little wacky...

  • She's kissing her past and love goodbye.