Should I text him again?

I've been hanging with this guy fo a while now and a couple days ago he texted me not long after I left his house and asked if I had feelings for him. I ask him the same and we both said yes. He then said next time we hang out we should talk about us. Then I didn't hear from him for a day ( what is odd I have heard from him everyday for the last 3 weeks) so I then texted him we chatted for a but then I asked if he wanted to hang out tom night and I never heard back... Its now its the next day I still haven't heard from him should I leave it and let him get back to me whenever or can I text him just saying hi?


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  • Yes He's in to you maybe He's jest nerves about starting a relation ship but he likes you so don't worry about texting him


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  • I would leave it. He sounds like he is unsure of what he wants and he needs time to figure this out. He knows how to reach you, he knows you like him and you were the last one to start a conversation, so the ball is in his court now.