Is the 60-40 thing true?

Like in the movie HItch, it was said "you go sixty and let her come the rest" on a kiss.

So is that true?

If so or if not then how do you go about it? I feel like it may be a bit awkward for the guy going in if he has to wait if she's wondering what he is doing..

The real question I suppose is how do you go about kissing someone for the first time?

Any and all help welcome. to critics.. you don't know my previous sitiations, so please don't assume and comment. As the saying goes "If you assume you make an a** out of you and me."


Most Helpful Guy

  • Most of the time, if you know a girl is somewhat into you... She's not going to refuse a kiss.

    So Just go kiss her, if she doesn't want to kiss you... guess what? She's going to kiss you anyways.

    Guns blazing all day.


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What Girls Said 2

  • No, I'd wonder why he stopped and assumed he didn't want to kiss me anywhere. I'd probably just stand there. If it's the right time, but people should lean it or one person should just go in for it all the way.

  • I usually go the 60...if they don't get it or catch the bait, I give up and move forward.


What Guys Said 1

  • look out for signs that she wants to kiss you: does she look at your lips, moisten hers, bite her lip? these are good indicators. If your still not sure try this...look into each of her eyes, then down at her lips and back up to her eyes. if she then glances down at your lips it's pretty much 100% she wants to kiss you. Immediately go in for the kiss. Always 100% of the way and give her a mind blowing kiss. Going 100% of the way shows confidence...which all girls love