Tell boyfriend another guy tried to kiss me?

my boyfriend went on Holiday for two weeks and I went to the country side last weekend, since it was my first time there, my friends decided to take me out for a night out in a club. It was nice, we had a few drinks but we didn't get drunk or anything just really having fun. Dancing and lots of dancing. then when I was dancing a guy approached me, he wanted to dance with me , since it was just for fun, I danced with him but not dirty dancing just fun dancing and then he leaned down (coz he's taller than me) to try and kiss me, for me that crossed the boundaries of my having fun, so I decided to back off. so I went away from that guy. and the night went on as normal for me and my friends.

NOW, here's the thing, my boyfriend will come back tomorrow and I feel guilty that even though nothing happened, I feel that I owe him an explanation or tell him what happened. Should I or should I not tell him ? FOR GIRLS, if you are in my position, are you gonna tell him ? FOR GUYS, what will be your reaction if you're my boyfriend then I told you what happened? Thanks a bunch :)


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  • if you believe you have to tell him exactly as you did here , if your friends you were with are also his say he can ask them .

    this guy only tried to kiss you so as far as you cheating on him there is no and your appropriate response was toback away and leave the guy standing. in my opinion I don't see why you would feel guilty you did nothing wrong . the only thing that might have made it wrong would have been if you accepted the kiss and or responded back more to it. since none of that happened. no fault no foul on your part.

    i will say this that any guy that winds up getting you in the long term(marriage type thing) will definitely be getting a great gal.

    if you did tell me something like that and told me exactly what you said in this post , I'd feel like your the greatest girlfriend ever and think you were overreacting to how you thought I might respond . that's called being a faithful girlfriend in my books and opinion . and if he sees it any other way he'd be an idiot.

    the reason why I say that is there are some girls out there that if in similiar situations would have most likely went home with the guy and I'll let your imagination go from there.


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  • Do not tell him ! Ok, first of all, it's okay to go dancing but do not dance with another guy when you are in a relationship. That's why you feel bad. I don't care what anyone says. You violated your boyfriends trust by dancing with another guy. Learn from this mistake, don't tell him but don't do it again and you'll be fine.

  • Do NOT tell him.

    Nothing happened, thus you don't owe him an explanation or to tell him what happened. You might make him jealous/suspicious if tou tell about it. Let it remain a dumb incident without importance.

  • You did nothing wrong (in fact, you've proven that you're faithful); so, no need to feel guilty.


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  • You handled the situation just fine and there's nothing for you to be guilty of. I'm with slipslender, no need to worry him for no reason. But if your boyfriend ends up asking about it, then don't lie to him.

  • nope. you acted appropriately in the situation, no need to worry your boyfriend over nothing. :)

    • thanks ! :)

      but what if he asked? because he knows that I went to country side and went out that night.

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    • ok, I'll follow your advice :) thanks a lot :)

      i have another question, he's coming back tomorrow right, but it's my sister's going away party. I don't know where to go. should I meet him or should I go with my sister's party and just meet him the next day ?

    • go to your sister's going away party, but definitely call him/message him, welcoming him back home... tell him how much you missed him, etc, make him feel wanted lol- but your sister comes first in this situation :)

  • no need to tell him, he tried you walked away, end of