Dating, cheating, commitment?

so I've been dating him for about 4 months now. he said early in the beginning he wanted us to be exclusive. says that he loves me, wants to be married, have a baby. things do get heated quickly, he is insecure, tries to test me, come to find out, he cheated with 2 women! he told me about the first one six weeks later. second one was a few days ago, when we did have a big argument and I said, get your stuff, he sort of moved in with me. I somehow found out about it and he finally admitted it. we are still not and Haven't been official boyfriend and girlfriend because he says he is scared and has trust issues. what is this? I have to prove myself? how am I supposed to trust him now? says he is sorry and doesn't want to lose me. is this all bull or what?

Well I just remembered my password, its been like two years, I did cut him off completely , just like a book, first verbal abuse, then physical, he actually ended up punching me like a man in the mouth, required dental work, and all kinds of weird stuff, cheating, lying then threats with suicide.. He's still trying to contact me on fb but he's been cut off ill nv speak to him again


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  • Oh he is a problem waiting to happen TO YOU. I'm sorry, but quite honestly the insecure ones are normally the ones that cheat etc cos they think YOU would be able to behave as badly as THEY are. So jealous guys, insecure guys, they are simply covering their guilt by putting onto you what is in them.

    Walk away and find a REAL man!

    :-) good luck!

    • yea. he's always like, oh you would do this and that, and you flirt with my friends, and you better not be doing anything, and even, when we had a big fight (move out) called me every name in the book, I was shocked.

    • really, he isn't worth your time. you can do so much better - ANYONE could! he sounds like a potential future wife-beater to me. WALK AWAY please :-)


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  • Prob the truth but what help is that? He obviously can't live up to the words that come out of his mouth. No real point in continuing.

  • commitment is good when both of you say so from the beginning of the relationship. If he cheated and says now that he wants commitment, than you end up fooled. You see, some guys get to play with too many girls and breaking up a relationship. The same happens with some girls who cheat on guys.

    I think couples should talk about what they want more at the beginning of a relationship!

  • First of all, it's all bull.

    More importantly, who cares if it's bull or not? What matters is how it makes you feel.


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  • sounds like he is the one that can' t be trusted. I have been there done that and I will tell you now that once he thought he got away with it the first time he will keep doing it. He will find ways to be more discreet about so you don't find out...but he will do it again

    Get out now, you don't have a lot of time invested in this relationship, and he is wasting your time. Find someone that will treat you right.

    Good luck