Guys why don't you call or text back?

Other than the fact that you're not into a girl, why would you not call or text back? Is it really that hard to text back a "no" "yes" "okay" or something short and simple? I don't understand.


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  • Girls are the same way. There are a few of us guys out there who go out and tell a girl how we feel, how we'd do anything for a chance to be with them when so many other girls have tried to be with us. And it gets even worse when we text a girl after she said she has a perfect time with you then doesn't return the texts. I don't think it's gender exclusive at's just stereotypical to assume the guy must do the chasing.

    • Thanks for explaining a little better than the other two :] I didn't mean to stereotype it. I guess its more because it really only bothers me when somebody I like does that to me. and I like boys soo.. that's why I just said boys


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  • the same reasons that you might not call or text back.

  • not all guys I love txting more than talking on the phone ,sum guys don't its simple .


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