Why does a guy quit calling even though you haven't went out yet?

When you see each other he seems interested and is flirty however he does not answer my texts back, we live in different communities . Maybe I came on to strong. I was very interested. He appeared that way to but now he does not call. But when he sees me he smiles and flirts but I give him mixed signals. Should I just move on. We are in our 40's. What do I do?


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  • I hate texting. I just won't do it. I think it's totally stupid, it's too easy to be misunderstood and it's frankly juvenile.

    Maybe he feels the same way, in which case you're totally blowing it by giving him mixed signals IRL (REAL LIFE), if you care to continue the relationship.


What Girls Said 1

  • aww I'm going through the same sh*t! he sends me message saying I'm super cute and calls me beautiful when he sees me, gives me long hugs and he even gave me a cheek kiss(really close to my lips corner) and every time is send him a message on FB he NEVER replies. one of the message I sent him , it was with my phone number(since we'd each others' numbers before, but somehow we lost contact) and on my message pretty much said"call me or text we should hang out"...well he never called, texted or even reply to my msg, and honestly I don't know what's up with that!, why would they give you signs as if they were interested, and get your hopes up and once you show them you actually are interested , they kinda back out!. we're in our mid 20's and obviously doesn't really matter what age they are, they keep doing the same! :(