Where are the best places to take a girl for a first date?

I recently met this one girl at college and I want to take her out on a date. I think she is somewhat interested but I'm not sure. I want to take her out to a concert, theater play, put put golf, or the beach but I think that's too soon for a first date. What do you guys think?


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  • Dinner to get to know her then concert with your friends... That way if she sucks you won't have to tough it out alone and can create an escape plan... Kidding, kind of... But seriously there's nothing more aggravating when a guys doesn't have a plan. The more interesting and different, the better. Create separation for yourself and come up with something creative around your city. Maybe it's the free movie night at the museum, concerts in the park, or the restaurant with the killer view. If she's worth it she'll appreciate your efforts. Just make sure it's a place where you can hold a conversation, aka the most crucial part of a first date. I would definitely advise staying away from anywhere that the conversation doesn't get past "What?" But I also think a romantic walk on the beach not only has the potential of getting awkward but might send too strong of a message right off the bat, I mean you don't really know this girl yet. Anyway your off to the right start.. Hope this helped.

  • start off simple and then wok your way up. Start by taking her to the movie cinema, or take her out for lunch.


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