Hanging out or talking to "outcasts"? What would you think?

What would your thoughts be if you saw a cute girl that dresses nice (and seems to have a nice personality) hanging out or talking to "outcasts" (some call them nerds and geek or emo and goth)...I feel more myself around them then anyone else, but people always say I dress super cute and are pretty.


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  • I wouldn't think anything of it because I was that cute person talking to such a type of person. I later turned out to be a nerd but I don't dress the part. Some people may consider you mysterious because you don't fit in with the attire of your friends.



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  • First I would think "damn I wish I still an emo lookin introvert!" After that I would get skeptical and think your have good style but your weird since you hang out with weird people (which isn't nessessarily a bad thing) ooooooor you do it to appear prettier and nicer in contrast to odd lookin people which I have actually seen b4

    • ARE YOU FOR REAL? people have hungout with unquie individuals just to appear prettier and nicer? I do it beacuse they aren't stuck up or rude and acually listen and care about me more then parties or guys:) I guess somewould say I stick out like a sore thumb (but I won't change XD)

  • That's great. It seems to me that you're open-minded and that you're not conceited.

    • I was taught at a young age to NEVER judge a book by it's cover, So I find I have more to talk about with unique people...but I have friends in alomst every social group.

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  • Stop caring what other people think and do what makes you happy. If you like to look cute and hang out with emo/geek/weird kids then DO IT and don't think twice about it. If you have that ability then that's awesome.

    • ya I was just asking cause my Besties were giving me a hard time about it and I was confused with what people really think...I hate rummors and gossip and stuff.

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    • well thank you:) I will not listen to others because it's rude to drop a friends just to be friends with someone else. My ex best friend droped me because she wantted to be popular so badly and I was standing her way cause I was friends with people from the "wrong crowd"...we were best friends for about 8yrs but the last year was the worst...sigh...but now I have friends who would NEVER do that to me ^___^

    • Thats great darlin. Sounds like you're on the right track.