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Why do women bite their lips?

Every time I give my girlfriend a passionate kiss, she bites her lip. I'm not saying I don't like it, I just would like to know why. When do you... Show More

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  • well we do it because...we are so into the person and when making out if we get hot and really into it...it comes naturally ...some guys do it toowell I bite my lips when I'm thinking or nervous or stressing or turned onbasically I lick and bite my lips alot...habit since I was a kid :/

  • I do it because I enjoy kissing. When it's passionate kiss I bite to kinda I don't know keep that moment for a sec longer. But it also helps when trying to be sexy.

  • I always bite my lip when I'm horny or doing something sexual. I don't know why it just happens. One of my guy friends is always teasing me because they can tell what I am thinking about. They think its because I like things in my mouth (which I do but I won't admit it).

  • Some girls do it to exude more sexiness and get the guy more excited. Others may do it because they are really turned on by the guy.

  • When I do it, it's usually just like a reflex... My boyfriend told me he liked it, and I'm like, "What? When did I even do that?" I don't even notice myself doing it :P

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