Girls would you date a muslim guy?

would you girls date a muslim guy knowing that he will care about you respect your needs and differences, would never ask to change any thing about yourself , and wouldn't expect you to do any thing you don't wanna do, but when the relationship grows stronger, and it's time for sex, he is required by his religion to sign willingly with the girl some kind of commitment contract ...?

Unless the girl is muslim this contract means nothing just clarify, end it wouldn't take a sec


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  • well, I'd never have sex with a guy who wasn't ready to be a father if I end up pregnant, so I'd be cool with your requirements if your cool with mine.

    • I can't speak for others, but if I got the girl pregnant and she decided to have the child, we will make the contract official , and I will rise my child, no doubts no regrets...happy


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  • It is great up to the point of the contract... how binding would it be, what is the significance of it?

    • it's a religious contract it can become official marriage if the girl takes it to city hall or when she gets knock up or when he dies and she needs the money it stays with her, really for non muslims it's just a piece of paper

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    • I still count that as married, just as though I was married by a priest while I am not religious. So I probably wouldn't sign the contract.

    • the Imam not a priest, and he just has to make sure you agree that's all, I've done it before with french girls , and when the relationship ended every body went his way, nothing of that matter

  • It's very hard for me to date someone very religious, I'm agnostic. Aside from that, my family does not allow me to have anything to do with a Muslim, as in boyfriend/girlfriend kinda relationship. Once, I had a Muslim friend and my parents said don't ever fall for him. -.-.

  • I personally wouldn't see this as a problem, however some girls might. If your religion is important to you which it sounds like it is you should continue to follow your heart with that. If your looking for a girl that shares common interests in religion or morals try to do activities in that area, if a girl turns you down for your religion then she's probably not meant to be with you but any girl to find a guy that respects her and treats her right is silly to not want it over a silly commitment contract. Take things slow and find a girl that will be willing to commit to sex before you rush her into a sticky situation.

    • spoken like a wise girl , look my religion made life easiee, I've bean away from home as far as I can remember and soon enough you begin to have a relationship with god, as for the girls I'd never rush her to sex, I just some of them get offended when she is allover me and I say

    • sorry I just can't, that's my problem, I just would like to know when is it the right time to tell her about the contract thing ...

  • I would never go out with a Muslim for several reasons:

    -My religion is just too important to me as I suspect his is for him.

    - I won't have sex until marriage so the commitment contract will only be signed then

    - The movie "not without my daughter" has ruined the thought. It's like signing away your life to the man. No way

    • so Cristian I guess, and hey don't let a movie ruin your life OK, yeah religion is important up to the point were I find my better half than I wouldn't care even if she didn't believe in god, it's her life

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    • no no it's not that I don't like Muslim's, I have Muslim friends I would just never date/marry a Muslim.

      That's your choice to love someone regardless of their religion but I truly believe that a non-religious girl or a girl of a different faith would clash with your faith and it wouldn't work out. Unless you're not very religious in which case she wouldn't have to sign your contract.

    • look in my religion there are levels of tolerance, lets just imagine I married an american girl, I'd celebrate all her holidays Christmas, thanks giving just to make her feel at ease and I wouldn't expect her to celebrate the islamic holidays, look if you love some one every thing else just don't matter

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