Christian girls would you ever date an atheist guy?

Would you ever date an atheist dude just curious? I find I'm attracted to a christian girl. Christian girls seem nice and friendly =).

@shawn she is christian christian, @Bel42 thankx for you open mindedness =) @annonymous user, I don't like her just because she is christian I just want to know that she won't hold my atheism against me. I really wouldn't care if whether if she was an atheist or christian or any other religion.
thank you AngelfromAbove x =)! @62893 I wouldn't mind going to church with her and spending time with her and I wouldn't mind raising my children in a christian way.


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  • So just Christian girls seem nice? Because I'd hate to think I can't get a guy because my niceness doesn't have any Christian relation :/

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      lol he didn't say just Christian girls are nice and friendly.

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      Yes... but it he was just asking about Christian girls because they seemed so "nice and friendly." Anyway, QA, I would think some would, as long as you didn't try to push your beliefs on them and they weren't pushy about theirs, either.

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      haha that made me lawlz. XP