What are good sites to date online?

I've been hearing about online dating for quite a while but I'm still skeptical about it. All the popular ones charge ridiculous amounts of money and I'm not interested in spending cash on something that can't guarantee a positive return. Are there any good ones out that that have normal people who are just too busy in the daily grind to find time to go to clubs and bars to find dates?


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  • All the sites have people you will think are normal and people you will think are not normal. But, if you are worried about spending money on a monthly fee to meet someone, then you will also be worried about all the money you will have to spend on those dates (meet ups) while meeting people. Maybe it will be better to make friends, or go places on the weekend where you will meet women (besides the bars). Besides, you will meet someone. It will happen.


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  • Lol...i don't know but just try some cherryblossoms.com, catholicmatch.com or filipinocupid.com maybe it will help you ;))


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  • You won't find out here. They'll remove the thread.

    But f*** it... okcupid is awesome. Match bought it so enjoy it before they ruin it. I hear Fling is good, but it's for hookups. All other sites are crap. I've tried them all at one point.