Girls, what's your idea of an ideal first date?

well I come from a place where I get to visit France all the time, I got the romantic bug, a critical factor in having the perfect date is knowing the person,

I knew this girl back at her old home she had a swing and she would play there whenever she feels scared or whenever she wants to clear her mind, so when I asked her out I planned a dinner at a nice restaurant and before we get desert we'd walk to a little park , where there is a swing that looked like the one she used to have , for her that was the perfect date ,

So girls, ladies share your experience, or your fantasy concerning the perfect date ?


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  • Ok here's how I see it. First date, going to the park or for a nice walk in a beautiful area does the trick. Heck it could be first, 2nd, 3rd..and so on. I love stuff like that. Maybe you can make a dinner/. But I think you have a good idea anyways.


What Guys Said 1

  • Swimming with dolphins.. so I'm told