Is it better to ignore it or to say "STOP texting me or I will report" in spam texts?

is it best to ignore spam texts.. or to text back saying "STOP texting me or I will report you to the FCC!"?

pppftttt you guys are all wrong! I talked to my service company and they said I should just reply to them and say "STOP ALL" and it actually worked.. the third party texted me back saying I am no longer going to recieve their text msgs..
i shouldn't have ignored them...


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  • just ignore it


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  • If you reported them to the FCC, it would accomplish absolutely nothing. Just ignore it.

  • If they do it often enough tell them you'll block them if they don't stop.


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  • Ignore it and report them. Seriously, those text messages are getting ridiculous. It's out of control, I receive at least 3-5 a day and recently my mother has begun to receive them.

    Don't reply anymore.

    • Actually, unless you've subscribed to them you should never reply because it let's them know the phone is active and if it is an automatic tracking system it will send your number to various spammers. It's the same with answering your telephone, if you answer and it's an unknown number it's more than likely a tracker to make sure the phone service is active.

    • yeah you shouldn't reply UNLESS you say "STOP ALL" cause if you don't say "STOP ALL" they will NEVER stop texting you and u'll just have to keep paying for the messages u've recieved from them.. I called my cellphone service people to report the spam text messages and they told me to text "STOP ALL" and it actually works.

    • I've done that and it doesn't work