How long after you start dating do you meet the parents?

The guy I'm seeing insists that he meets my family, but I feel like it's too soon for that. My parents would see the relationship as something serious, and it's only been a few weeks!

What do you think? How long do you usually wait before bringing your girlfriend/boyfriend home to meet your family?


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  • My parents are foreign, they refuse to meet him unless we're getting married, lol. So meeting my parents is a big fat no usually. Plus I think it's just unnecessary, I mean ARE you getting married in a few months? No! So what's the rush? My ex was like this and I told him no no no until he got over it.

    And same to your guy, just tell him to chill out. Ask him WHY he wants to meet them. Explain how your parents would see it. He needs a reason as to why you're shutting him down, just be honest about it. If meeting your parents is another way for him to affirm that he likes you then telling you should be enough, no need to make big gestures until the time is actually right.

    If YOU don't feel comfortable, there's no questions, it all ends right there. Until you're into the idea, don't agree to it.

    • Haha that's pretty much how it is for me. If they know there's a guy in the picture, they've never bothered to meet him. They would just ask about him. I just feel really bad because I've met his parents before. His mom is so nice! I hate that my parents won't receive him the same way.


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  • I wouldn't put a time frame on such a thing or anything like that. Do it when it feels right. Any what's the big deal about meeting your boyfriends folks? You're just meeting some people it really isn't a mile stone in a relationship.


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  • We waited until about 2 months. They were friendly enough though, so it was nothing to fear.