Does it really mean anything when guys ignore texts?

Me and this dude like each other, but were not exclusive...But he's a pretty big texter and always seems to want to talk to me, even if we hung out that day. Well I didn't see him for a few days and he's ignored me over the weekend. I have not sent him an abundance of messages, and I Haven't been clingy just fyi ^.^

He also happens to have a lot of "friend-girls" and he's going to prom with one of em (im too young, diff school) And I can't help but wonder if he's losing interest in me and moving on to greener pastures :p

Well turns out he found himself another girl...who then cheated on him. After which he tried to get back with me...but neglected to mention that he had stared dating ANOTHER girl, and was thus cheating on her with me. Holy sh*t...


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  • sometimes I forget to text back right away after I read a text. and then someone else sends me a text and I forget. I wouldn't worry about it too much.


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  • There are many explanations why you would think he's ignoring your text, but it may not mean he's ignoring you. He could just be unaware that he got a text, and forgets to check it because maybe he didn't here the signal. Or maybe he's at home cooking in the kitchen and he left his cell in the living room. Or maybe his phone died, and He's unaware of it. Some people don't pay as much attention to their cell phones as much as others. And some people are cell phone illiterate. But it doesn't always mean that they are ignoring you. I hope he's not. But I hope this help.

  • doesn't sound like he was ever interested

    • how so? The combination of intense flirting\touching, wanting to see me all the time, and SAYING he was interested would mean to me that he was.

  • Just don't text him for a bit and see if he comes around and texts you first. That way you'll know you were on his mind and you won't feel like you're bugging him and being clingy (even though you say you aren't).

    You say he's eager to want to talk to you and you like each other so why worry about it? Even if he does move onto "greener pastures" then it's his loss and you can find a dude who likes you plenty.