Why will he go on dates but not chill at home?

So I am a F*ck buddy with this guy, but we seem to be going on dates like dinners, movies etc more than hanging out @ home and doing what f*ck buddies are supposed to be doing. Why does he rather go out on date like hang outs rather than stay in?


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  • I love FBs! You are AWESOME. It could be one of two things. He could see you as his Girlfriend or he could see as a FB but doesn't have much game. I f*ck my FBs and little else.

    • Thanks! lol well if he thinks he doesn't have much game then I am never gonna get laid!

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    • Well then you really aren't FBs. Next time you make out, try to give him a bj.

    • the problem is, we haven't got a chance to make out because we go on dates in public so I never get a chance to f*ck him LOL

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  • How did you establish that you were f*** buddies? Was a clear line drawn, or was it kind of a wishy-washy start?

    • It was pretty clear. I told him I wanted to be one, he agreed he wanted it as well.

      But so far we have only gone on "dates"

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    • all I know is its not a miscommunication issue lol

    • Just talk to him about it, then.