If a guy only texts you and has not called, is he worth it?

I have been talking to a guy for nearly two weeks we have spoken every other day but via text I said I don't mind him calling me but he never has I no its early days yet but if he is not wanting to pick up the phone now is it worth still trying to get to no him if he is not really interested

ok so I didn't contact the guy after getting some advice from you guys and he then text me ( but still didn't phone) what after texting for a while said that he wants us to meet up some time I wounder if this is for real or is he just keeping me hooked


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  • If you told him to call and he was really that interested, he'd be calling you. Trust me, I know.

    • it was not a direct can you call me but I did say you don't always have to text you can call me if you want which I say is as good as telling him

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    • thank you for your comment since I am a bit old fashioned I'm going to leave him to it I want ignor himim not that rude but just won't be the first to make the contact I'm sure he will soon stop contacting me oh well his loss as they say

    • Yes it is, there are plenty of guys who will show you they have the time of day for you and call you, don't worry :)


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  • How did you respond to him? If you haven't yet, I would say to him: OK, tell me when & where. If he can't tell you right then & there, forget him, he's baiting you. And let him know that. Tell him you want a man of action, not a texting buddy. Say, thanks anyway.

  • My ex boyfriend only texted me too, and only called when he was drunk. He was a loser, don't know why I even gave him another chance.

    Any guy I had, that was worth having, would call me.

    • i was thinking the same thing if a girl say it fine for you to call her but you still text then your not really serious or has something to hide maybe

    • @ lovemntwins: Same here. My ex only texted, and called when he was drunk once or twice.

  • Why don't you call him? Otherwise, you two could be texting forever!

    • i now it sound silly but since I told him he could call I was waiting for him to do so

    • Girl, you may be waiting forever...

  • Well, give him a chance if he wants to meet up...Maybe he is shy?