She kinda passed me up for another dude!

i liked this girl back in university but she kinda passed me up for another dude and she ended up getting pregnant and they eventually broke up now she's a single mother, well that was years ago and I got a message from her on face book to tell you the truth I didn't remember her, but seriously why would she want to meet up we were just kinda friends but I made it clear that I wanted to date her and see what happens but why after she's has a kid and passed me up it seems a little ridiculous really

excuse me I made it clear when we were in university that I wanted to date her


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  • Yes, well this happens a lot. A lot of guys I knew from a long time ago email me through FB, say hi, ask how I am and then ask me out. I wasn't interested in them then and most likely am not now. However, you WERE interested in her.

    I actually did something similar that she did once. I met two guys at the same time. I dated both of them and I liked them both! One of them asked me before the other to get involved more seriously. I accepted and told the other guy. Well, it didn't work and I really liked the other guy, so I called him up...

    I would just do what you want (obviously).

    • what happened with the other guy

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    • ok so since you the type that date multiple people at the same time do you also sleep with multiple people at the same time not like threesomes but semi-casual sex

    • No. I don't sleep around. AND, I am someone who is usually only with one person for quite a while. If I am single and guys are asking me out, then I go out with them (I get asked out all the time). It is normal to go out on dates (dating) before you actually commmit to someone.


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  • then don't meet up with her.


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  • This will happen more and more as you get older.

    nice boy meets girl- nice boy likes girl- girl meets bad boy- girl chooses bad boy-girl gets knocked up-girl gets dumped- girl runs back to nice guy hoping he's a sucker and will take her and her used goods back.

    it's like the circle of life.

  • Meet with her.

    And if she hints that maybe she wants to think about dating you stand up and do a Nelson Muntz.

    • whats a nelson muntz

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    • oh sh*t that would be great if I was going that route id f*** her for a while though before I did that

    • That's kinda harsh. lol