Do young girls not know about or not understand the 3-day rule?

I have to ask, because I've seen so many questions on this site by girls who will give a guy their number, and then start freaking out because "It's been 8 hours and he hasn't called" "It's been a day and he hasn't called." "It's been 2 days and he hasn't called!"

and so on.

The three day rule wasn't invented arbitrarily to annoy young women. It evolved naturally over time, as the number of days to wait with the highest chances of success in the relationship.

It's a classic case of women not knowing what they want. Sure, they think they want a guy to call right away. But guys know from experience (over generations, if not personal) that if they call right away, the girl sees them as too needy, or that the guy wants them too much, and they lose respect for him. Because a guy who wants her THAT much isn't a challenge.

Wait longer than 4 days, and chances are she's already made plans for the weekend. And if not, she may just say she has. Because it can come across very easily that you're treating her as your weekends backup plan. She's who you call if you couldn't get a date with someone else. And again, no girl wants to think "Yay, I'm his SILVER medal!"

The three day rule survives, because it's optimal. Will it work all the time? Of course not. It'd be the 3 day LAW if it did. Will it annoy a girl so much she won't have anything to do with you? Very rarely. Much rarer than you'd think anyway.

In most cases, it will work just fine. Guys know this, or have learned this. And that's why it's still done.

It seems a shame that young girls aren't taught this too.

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  • 3 day rule is a good rule for beginners but you can modify it a little after a while, but yeah, in general it's a good "rule" (I'd say it's more of a guide line)


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What Girls Said 6

  • I know of the 3 day rule of course. Although if I'm perfectly honest, a guy has better luck with me if he calls on day 2, or at the very end of day 1. Earlier than that and I will admit I think he's a bit too eager.

    But from my experience, when a guy has waited 3 days, those butterflies and excited feelings he gave me are gone. I don't associate him with those positive emotions anymore and I'm usually on to thinking about something or someone else. In fact I can't think of one instance in which I accepted a date with a guy that waited 3 days. Because at that point, I was no longer excited to see him again and he also felt more like stranger. Someone I hardly knew and wasn't sure if I wanted to get to know.

    1-2 days is perfect for me. Just enough time for me to think about him and stress a little over whether he'll call lol but not long enough that I start forgetting why I was interested in him in the first place. Although every girl is different.

  • The 3 day rule applies to a lot of things in life. But yeah, I'm typically surprised if I hear from a guy before the 3 days are up.

  • Will it annoy a girl so much she won't have anything to do with you? Tons of girls disagree there

    I'm more confused than annoyed if the guy doesn't call the same day I forget him so I have no reason to be annoyed I'm usually trying to recall his name/face.

    Maybe in your day dinosaur the 3 day rule had a low ratio of failure but with technology instant these days you'll either annoy her or confuse her.

  • No way, jose. I'm in a relationship with a man I love and as soon as I met him I wouldn't have been able to wait 3 days to hear from him. The 3-day rule is bogus. What matters is immediate chemistry. As soon as I met my man I "knew" he was incredible.

  • Sounds stupid to me. I understand the reasoning, I'm just not into guys who play those kind of games. If they're eager to contact me, just do it already. If I like the guy, I'm not going to see him as "too easy," I'm going to feel great KNOWING that he's into me instead of having any doubts.

    I just hate the dating "games" in general. And I'm not likely to be into a guy who is influenced by social norms so easily. "Oh, my friends told me I should wait 3 days." There goes my respect for him.

  • i dont...


What Guys Said 2

  • I was taught the 3 day rule & I went by it for many years. It never seemed to help me out though. I blame Facebook/Myspace/Twitter/AIM/ITunes etc. Everything is INSTANT now. No one waits around. Our society as a whole has become far less patient. It think that the 3 Day Rule has now become the 2 Day Rule. From now on, If you go on a date on Friday I advise calling by Sunday.

  • I waited 9 months once, she was still waiting. Forgot about the 3 day rule.