Girls, which quality is most important in a guy?

There are a lot of questions here from guys about how much you care about several qualties. Just curious as to which of these you'd rank most important in a date. If you'd like to rank all of them, just do so in the comments:

  • Height
    Vote A
  • Education
    Vote B
  • Income/wealth
    Vote C
  • Confidence/ability to approach
    Vote D
  • Just curious--checking the results
    Vote E
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  • none of those. the most important quality to me is that he's reliable. as in I can count on him and trust him

    but of the ones you listed, income

    • Cool. I wan't trying to be comprehensive in the characteristics. Just threw down a bunch I've seen questions about.


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What Girls Said 8

  • These are qualities I look for in a guy:

    1.Good friendship (good conversations, good listener, humor, genuine and honest, trusting and loyal, thoughtful, can open up to me)

    2. Affectionate

    3. Leadership qualities (intelligent, responsible, confidant, can be independent when applicable, likes people, motivated)

  • I just checked the results, my answer to the question is: Ability to understand me, and support me. It may be selfish but I prefer a guy who take care of me when I need it. I'm not weak or anything but a little suport from a loved one gives me the strenght to do wonders. :)

  • Where's looks?

    • Haha! Yeah, I was limited in my options and wanted to have a "check the results" to keep from skewing the results that way. But yeah, that'd be a fun one to have on there too.

  • not to be mean but they need to be taller than me or its going to be awkward :/ but I would pick D next

    • Thanks! I was thinking confidence would win and height would be number 2; the education and lastly income. Looks like education is ranking higher. But I think part of that is people thinking it's the "right" thing to say. I think income will be underrepresented because people are ashamed to admit it when it's true.

    • i know its true,people on here just don't admit it

  • You didn't put my favorite qualities up there. I personally like guys with a sense of humor and have common interests.

  • D;]

  • I voted education, just because it was most similar to "intelligence."

  • "Confidence is attractive" <-- I live by that

    a confident girl in her beauty and confident that you wouldn't look at other girls, is more attractive than that girl who always says she's ugly and gets jealous all the time.. right?

    a confident guy is also attractive..


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  • Pity women expect us to have D, but refuse to have it in themselves :O

    • I hear you! But then again, I like women to have boobs, and I don't have those either. . .

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    • Guys have always liked confident women too you know? Confidence is nice in everyone. And pretty much every guy is fed up with having to ALWAYS initiate everything. Just ask around here or anywhere. They are sick of it. They do it because they have to or else it gets nowhere, but it's annoying for all guys.

    • Fully agree with you amigo! I'll take a confident girl over a less confident one who's exactly the same. It's just a bigger deal for girls. Same with education also on this list. It's important to us, it's more important to them. Unlike say income. All else equal everyone would prefer a richer version of the EXACT same person. But it makes a bigger difference to more girls than to guys. Not saying its right or wrong. It just is.