A guy texted me that he loves me. Is this legit?

so this guy that I like on my track team sent me a text today out of the blue that said " I am madly in love with you!" do you think this was for real or was he messing with me or was it one of his friends?He isn't the type of person that would play a mean joke like that and all of his friends seem the same way. I don't know him super well but I have had some nice conversations with him. When he texted me all I texted back was "really?" Because if it was one of his friends messing with me I didn't want to give myself away. what's is your opinion? Please help.


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  • ask him or call and talk to him in person..it might just be a text message but what's important is the actually words of that person..better know if he is sincere about it or just pulling your strings


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  • Ouch that sucks... I`ve been there before, I would just walk up to him and talk to him about it whens he's alone and just put it all out there that way you can clear the air and let what was supposed to happen...

    Hope it helps:)