Can I say this to him?

I invited this guy on our first date tonight to go to the movies and I told him it is on me but I just meant the movies. I can't do the food. So is it OK for me to be like once we get that, "Will you get the food?" or is there another way of saying this? I mean I don't want him to assume I meant paying for the food too. I like for us to balance it out esp since guys normally pay first. What you think?


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  • i think the movies is a horrible first date.


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  • Normally, when someone takes someone else to a movie, they pay for the goodies too. I think it would be slightly rude (or awkward at least ) to wait to get to the movie to bring it up. Since you didn't say up front that you didn't thave enough for all of it, you could text/call him and just say something like, "I am looking forward to going to the movie and I was thinking about how expensive the food is at the theaters. I don't know if I can afford to pay for us to eat. I thought I should let you know." Then just see what he says.

    • Well this is what I did. I got us the tickets and as we sat in our seats and got our food menus cause it was a Studio movie Grill Threatre- I said, " So what you gonna get us to eat?" as we were looking at the menu. And he end up paying for it and he didn't seem to mind. In fact, we went somewhere else after. So I just knew how to say it without actually saying it or asking like you said.